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Added Dirt and Sand

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uploaded 2017-02-21 18:31:34, by Guest

- The game adds two material called DIRT and SAND
- In the shop there are two objects to be placed on the map



Added Dirt and Sand, 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (12)

2017-02-21 18:37:53 Sambora998 (Guest)
Where are this? Placeables or what?
2017-02-21 21:15:04 moi90 (Guest)
cant find them
2017-02-21 22:49:23 FarmersBoy
Has anyone actually found the dirt and sand? What v was it tested on pls?
2017-02-22 04:06:16 hazhauler23 (Guest)
i cant find it in the menu
2017-02-22 22:08:39 fuma1104 (Guest)
Hi all, i try it and it works very good. you need all three Zips in your Modfolder. Start your Map and in the Shop "Placeables" you found the Dirt and Sand tricker. But only the Dirt mode works on my Map the Sand mod doesnt work. i dont know why. I hope that was a Help. best regards fuma
2017-02-23 00:04:07 FarmersBoy
Thank you Fuma, I will try your above instructions....
2017-02-23 11:16:21 FarmersBoy
... Nope, the mod shows up in the list (to tick) but doesn't make it to placeables... oh well.... thanx.
2017-02-24 15:53:42 fuma1104 (Guest)
what ever maby we must wait for the next update
2017-02-25 05:16:23 Grant (Guest)
you have to use this specific AAA_UPK (V17.0.9) with this dirt and sand mod. make sure to un-select any other upk in your mods screen. if your still having issues, you have a mod conflict. i had the same issues you guys are having. i found the conflicts, deleted them from my mods folder and this mod works perfectly.. if your running converted 15 mods start looking for the conflict there, that's where i found mine.
2017-03-05 12:53:48 fuma1104 (Guest)
Hi all i have install all new UPK ........ and startet 3 div. Maps and all the same i can load both but sell only Dirt the Sand is doesnt on the Selllist ok i hope i find a way in future lol :-)
2017-03-09 20:58:57 Keith (Guest)
I cant get it to work
2017-07-09 13:11:11 Fendtfan00
cant get it not working hope the update works

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