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Ahwi H600 v 1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2016-10-31 03:47:35, by John Der33

Because of Ahwi FM700 Forstmulcher I have been approached more often that there is from the brand Ahwi mulchers that "suck" the "dirt" on a pipe, and that one could implement this in LS over chips well. Very useful, so I set off myself and created the fictional Ahwi FM700H. This there are so not for real because the real (eg Ahwi H600) already look from the base frame different, but have the same function.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2016-10-31 10:01:14 kliefhamer (Guest)
great idea but when i buy the implement the frames drop to 10/12 plz fix cause i love this
2016-10-31 19:44:41 Kröenther (Guest)
Hi, great idea but how can I use it ? When I'm rolling on wooden log... nothing. Thanks
2016-10-31 21:18:12 angry (Guest)
mod not working lag and everything else. fix this mod because it is necesary to this game.
2016-11-01 19:26:53 SweClark (Guest)
Cant use it due to big laggproblems.. And im running an highend pc whit a newTitan X and a X5690 32gig memory. Please fix it! Loved it in 2015
2016-11-01 21:25:56 Gruncher (Guest)
It's joke ? Fps issue, not working etc.
2016-11-03 17:59:14 marpolfarm (Guest)
macie racje panowie tez potwierdzam sporo bledów z tym mode mam nadzieje ze to szybko naprawie!!!
2016-11-03 18:02:44 marpolfarm (Guest)
Racja panowie tez potwierdzam sporo błedów z tym modem<< mam nadzieje ze to szybko naprawia.. w 15 mi sie spodobało toi 17 by tez moglo byc elegancko<<<

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