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Courseplay Mod v 5.0

Category:  Farming Simulator 2017 Mods » Implements & Tools
Uploaded by:  uploaded by John Der33
Date:  2016-12-03 17:48:08
Downloads:  17520 downloads
Size:  File Size: 752.73 KB
Comments:  15 comments
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3/5, 41 votes

Courseplay is a modification for Farming Simulator 2015. It allows to have many different vehicles driving around autonomously and automatically, have them do field work, unload combines, drive fruit to selling points, fill a bunker or a trailer with a shovel and much more.

Thanks to many translators, Courseplay is available in 13 languages: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian and Spanish.

Authors: Jakob Tischler, Thomas Gärtner, SatisFormer developers:Bastian82LautschreierHoromanHummelSkydancerWolverin0815Translators:Chinese: Simba76Czech: AlbiDutch: PewemoFrench: Gui7545Hungarian: Chris von BoneItalian: JD7530, Cristiano MagroPortuguese (BR): AdmilsonPortuguese (PT): PTAzoresRussian: BernelliSpanish: JFMtb, PromGames


Courseplay Mod v 5.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (15)

2016-12-03 18:46:48 BigJohnnyD (Guest)
I think you should have mentioned that this is very much a beta release and WILL cause your game to crash. If you decide to use it then you must make regular saves or you WILL lose your "work" You might find the auto save mod from Giants mod hub could help. Just saying.
2016-12-03 19:08:01 highdesert
I haven't had any problems with the last update or this one. There are some vehicles it doesn't seem to work with. The Man trucks, for example. This update makes finding the nearest waypoint more accurate. It doesn't wander in circles looking for it. If it does circle, it does it only once and seems to find it. This is a great mod that I couldnt function without. Thank you to the dev team for what they've accomplished.
2016-12-03 21:37:06 OnTheRoad (Guest)
This is a fake version. It doesn't even show up as it is for FS15.
2016-12-03 22:45:30 BigJohnnyD (Guest)
@ OnTheRoad, you're right I didn't get my copy from here but have just downloaded it to check. It's moddesc version is 22 = FS15. You can get it direct from here:- Download the zip, open it and inside you will find a folder. Inside that folder is all the files so zip those up (without the folder) and rename it something like FS17_CoursePlay5. <- Advice from Satis one of the developers. There is no need to call it ZZZ_courseplay any more. Hope this helps BigJ
2016-12-04 00:01:40 Bigmack (Guest)
Do Not Download this. Its Fake!!! Just like what BigJohnnyD said.
2016-12-04 00:32:53 thierryc9 (Guest)
gay s this is the link original
2016-12-04 08:10:30 Oyv (Guest)
Hi. Followed BigJohnnyD`s intructions and it works like a charm. Seems like its more "tuned" on cooperation with two vehicles working together. Very happy with this. Thanks a lot.
2016-12-04 21:14:01 Pfft (Guest)
Why are you uploading this into the FS17 category and leaving a description that it works for FS15? Why would someone playing FS17 even bother to download it now? What are you doing not leaving the TL;DR how to fix it for FS17 in the comments and not in the description? Why not pack it for FS17, why make people work? Geez.
2016-12-07 18:46:11 SavageMkII
To clarify, what BigJohhnyD said does work, but in case it's confusing for you, when you go to there is a green button on the right side of the page that says "Clone or Download". Click that and download the zip file. Then, yes, open the folders until you see all the files. Select all of them, right click and choose "send to compressed folder". Then name it something like zzz_Courseplay_5_BETA. The zzz in front is important, because it makes the game load courseplay last, after all your vehicle mods. That way courseplay will work with your vehicles. I did it without the zzz at first, and none of my mod vehicles with a unique vehicle type that were listed after courseplay in the mod list would even let me open the courseplay panel
2016-12-08 03:04:47 FBK (Guest)
I installed and game does not open anymore after starting map or save What do I do???? I already deleted the mod and reinstall the game, but it remains the same :/
2016-12-08 17:25:30 SavageMkII
Check your log for errors relating to corrupt savegame files. You may be SOL though. I have had no problems at all so far with Courseplay 5. Always test new mods in a separate folder before throwing them into your regular mods and save games. Rename your mods folder to something like "regular mods" then create a new folder, call it "mods", then put the new mod(s) in there, start a new game on the default map, and test things. Check your log for errors and warnings after exiting the game. That will usually weed out any potential problem mods. Courseplay has a history of conflicts with other script mods...
2017-01-22 10:27:38 Jax Teller (Guest)
Hi all I seem to be having an issue with the game not seeing the mod at all I have tried all available download links and put the file in the mods folder but the game dose not see the mod at all could someone please advise what I should try ...... Thanks in advance
2017-02-10 19:02:40 PhilBert1963 (Guest)
I've tried the new 5.01 Course Play and have gone back to 4.x. If you decide to download 5.01 I'd advise doing it in a private browser. That when the download gets hijacked you can exit the browser without destroying it. I tried 5.01 with the New Holland 10.90 combine and the turning radius is horrible. it's at least 1.5 time greater in 5.01. Also even if you do a headline around the field the combine still goes out side the field to do its 180 and head back to the field. Maybe there is a setting to adjust all of this, but I didn't see one. If the combine ran into something it would just sit there, at least in 4 the combine or tractor would at least try and work around the item blocking it. For all of these reasons I have gone back to 4.x.
2017-02-10 20:08:39 PhilBert1963 (Guest)
Jax Teller - Make sure there are no spaces in the file name and that it is still a zip file.
2017-07-01 07:20:06 Como faz pra intalar o mod (Guest)

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