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Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2018-02-04 16:17:28, by John Der33

Today I introduce to you my new compound feeding station "Cow Forage Mixer G2-456".
As with any feed mixing plant, straw, grass and silage (including bales) will quickly become ready-mixed food.

Production per hour: 20000L
Straw Bunker: 100000L
Silage bunker: 100000L
Grassbunker: 100000L
Blending hopper: 100000L
Cost: 195000 €
Maintenance per day: 55 €

Objekt/Texturen: Kastor,Giants Script: KevinK98/ModCompany


Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2018-02-05 13:51:48 HuntMaxim
Hi brother, I like your mixing station. However, it can not display a message, and the floor is not set to collide, causing the view to float. If it is best that you add the Chinese new tips the best, I have written for you and hope you can adopt. <l10n> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_helpBoxTextInfo"><de>Info: Aussteigen, um automatisches Aufladen an/aus zu stellen!</de><en>Info: Get out for set automatic charging!</en><cs>更改装填模式请先退出车辆!</cs></text> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_helpBoxTextAuto"><de>Aktuelle Einstellung: automatisches Aufladen</de><en>Aktual settings: automatic charging</en> <cs>装载模式:自动装填</cs> </text> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_helpBoxTextManual"><de>Aktuelle Einstellung: manuelles Aufladen</de><en>Aktual settings: manual charging</en> <cs>装载模式:手动装填</cs> </text> <!-- Allgemein --> <text name="leer"> <en>empty</en> <de><![CDATA[leer]]></de> <cs>空了!</cs> </text> <text name="voll"> <en>full</en> <de><![CDATA[voll]]></de> <cs>满了!</cs> </text> <text name="ERROR"> <en>Info: </en> <de><![CDATA[Info: ]]></de> <cs>信息:</cs> </text> <text name="Rohstoffe"> <en>resources: </en> <de><![CDATA[Rohstoffe: ]]></de> <cs>原料:</cs> </text> <text name="Produkte"> <en>products: </en> <de><![CDATA[Produkte: ]]></de> <cs>产品:</cs></text> <text name="inputTrigger"> <en>Input Products: </en> <cs>原料:</cs> </text> <text name="outputTrigger"> <en>Output Product: </en> <cs>产品:</cs> </text> <!-- Futtermischer --> <text name="Gras"> <en>grass</en> <de>Gras</de> <cs> 牧草 / 干草</cs></text> <text name="Stroh"> <en>straw</en> <de>Stroh</de> <cs>秸秆</cs> </text> <text name="Silage"> <en>silage</en> <de>Silage</de> <cs>青贮饲料</cs> </text> <text name="Mischfutter"> <en>Forage</en> <de>Mischfutter</de> <cs>牛混合饲料</cs> </text> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_startFillHS"><de>Befüllvorgang starten</de><en>start filling</en> <cs>开始装载</cs></text> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_stopFillHS"><de>Befüllvorgang stoppen</de><en>stop filling</en> <cs>停止装载</cs> </text> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_automaticFillHS"><de>zu automatischem Befüllen wechseln</de><en>to automatic filling</en> <cs>切换至自动装填模式</cs> </text> <text name="mCompanyFactory_AddOn_manualFillHS"><de>zu manuellem Befüllen wechseln</de><en>to manual filling</en><cs>切换至手动装填模式</cs></text> </l10n>
2018-02-05 17:43:35 OldMan (Guest)
Super, der Mixer. Warte schon auf anderen Mixer ( Schwein/Pig ). Wenn möglich beide Teile auch zum Einbauen mit dem GE ....bitte !! Danke
2018-02-07 21:02:27 Farmer girl (Guest)
Great design but only mixes out silage. Anyone help please??
2018-02-13 15:53:19 Fendtfan00
Cool Mixer
2018-02-14 02:17:21 dumbass! (Guest)
Your fucking mod does not work idiot! It makes silage not TMR. and don't say use a shovel and it works, your full of shit because I tried just that and in different orders all resulting with silage being the finished product. Test your fucking mods moron before you release to the public. Your making yourself look like a dumbass.
2018-07-18 18:55:56 Lee (Guest)
Was this meant to be a bad joke? It doesn't produce TMR...only silage
2018-08-12 11:15:13 trop bien (Guest)
la base

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