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Grimme RH2460 With Added Fruits And Pallets v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2016-11-27 11:38:47, by John Der33

Changed fruits now you can Load this machine with potatos, sugarbeets, manure, seeds, fertilizer, or woodchips will create a nicely packed pallets you can sell. Alternatively it can load conveyor belts with it.

Giants GS_Modding


Grimme RH2460 With Added Fruits And Pallets v 1.0, 1 photo
uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (4)

2016-11-27 22:50:58 thierryc9 (Guest)
ne fonctionne pas il m a sorti une pallet et apres plus rien....dommage
2016-12-01 03:37:10 thierryc9 (Guest)
alors des modif en cours ? parce que c est interressant...
2017-02-26 19:36:09 terry (Guest)
don't work
2018-07-07 19:41:07 Astrofarmer
Worked, But Only did two crates of potatoes and would not do any more after that? Tried it still attached to the tractor and without being attached Both either the unit lowered belt or lifted up belt. Put it next to pile of potatoes and nothing, Put it alone and loaded it by telehandler with bucket, Again nothing even with all the things on it set up! Just had allot of potatoes staying in the belt loading area doing nothing and wasted? Can't unload the un-used potatoes. Even tried it on non-muddy ground in case that upset it? Tried it on flat smooth road & flat smooth tarmac area's still no action. Big Shame I removed it from the mods.

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