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Ground Modification v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2017-10-23 16:42:22, by John Der33

The ability to change the texture of any part of the map at your discretion. And all this without the use of software in the form of GE. Replacement can be done right in the game!
Thus, you can slightly rebuild the map according to your vision (to pave an asphalt road or to get yourself a new meadow or change the shape of the field, etc.)
In total, 18 types of different texture variants are available for selection (gravel, asphalt, sand, rocky terrain, lawn, meadow, mud, pine needles, sown field and others).
In order to use the mod buy Lizard R 5000 in the category “miscellaneous”. The “Y” key changes the type of texture. On “X” the grass removal function is turned on or off.
Do not worry, your chosen type of texture will not just replace the “picture”, but will have all the properties inherent in the chosen type of surface.



Ground Modification v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2017-10-23 17:28:05 KRoover (Guest)
Log contain error and will freeze your game. Dont download this. Error: Running LUA method 'update'. G:/Games/Mods/FS 17/Cherry Hills/FS17_Ground_Modification_ModLandNet_4/GMTracks.lua:48: attempt to compare number with nil Warning (LUA): 'getDensityAtWorldPos': Argument 1 has wrong type. Expected: Int. Actual: Nil ..\..\..\src\base\scripting\lua\LuaScriptSystem.cpp (640): expectedType == Value::VoidType
2017-10-23 20:33:04 highdesert
the working version is 1.006. Do a Google search. What is different with this version, besides it doesn't work? Is it a repost, or you just don't give a shit?
2017-10-23 22:20:17 battlecommander
john der33 uploads anything and takes credit for it works or not, as this kid doesn't understand copyright laws. plus gives creators of the mods a bad name as they don't get any reports on their mods so to correct any issues.
2017-10-24 02:52:49 gdore
i be more impressed when you actually have the black asphalt working with this other than this its the same as other modification mod do not even bother
2017-10-25 10:55:09 Rudi (Guest)
i must go on toilet, does anyone wants to stay with me?
2017-10-25 23:23:27 highdesert
@highdesert (Guest) Good boy. Now, lay down boy!
2017-11-03 20:24:40 gdore
it does work you need the universal materials pac

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