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Hof Bergmann Map

Rating: 4/5, based on 45 votes
uploaded 2017-04-21 15:34:11, by Guest


At last it is time to wait. Here I present you now the Hof Bergamm map for the LS17.
This map is based on the GoldCrest Valley and has been completely redesigned as in the 15th. The location of this map is purely fictional and corresponds to my imagination.
On this map, countless tasks range from agriculture, cattle farming and forestry. But who knows me knows this is not all.
I have thought up new things, but have already taken on well-known things. I could now write a long text but just look at the map itself will be worth it.
You will also notice that the map can be done very much by hand.

Key facts about the map:

– large oversized courtyard
– Animals at the farm
– plentiful sales outlets
– own exclusive buildings
– Apple plantation
– PDA Map with own icons
– first manure, manure, lime Fertilizer, Compost Mod (GMKFC Mod)
– ChoppedStraw installed (Optional, ChoppedStraw Mod required to find here:…mod_id=56564&title=fs2017)
– many plants based on the FabrikScript (SeedMaster, FermentingMaster, CompostMaster, GrainMaster, pigFoodStar, BGA, Slurry Separator, ButterMaker, Hay Dryer)
– BGA generates biogas
– various secondary contracts
– natural fields
– purchaseable meadows
– Pigs produce piglets these can be sold
– 2 cow pastures one of which produces milk in cans these must be collected at the pasture
– chickens at the farm produce eggs in cartons (must be supplied with grain and water)
– huge slurry store
– straw storage for loose straw (barn)
– Water storage at the yard
– well thought-out starting cars
– many details
– Cereal mill
– Idyllic village with fire department
– Lime pit
– and much more

Farmer Andy, Ifkonator, kevink98, Vortaz, BlackyBPG, Marhu


Hof Bergmann Map, 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (8)

2017-04-22 11:21:06 Budweiser78 (Guest)
cant install this map ....put the zip fil in mods or??
2017-04-22 13:57:35 laco
2017-04-22 18:31:42 sdl (Guest)
laco non pas fake petit com
2017-04-24 12:09:15 Wessie sr (Guest)
other mods don,t works
2017-05-05 00:08:15 popeye (Guest)
beau et bien la map meme pas de mod pour charger automatiquement les cachots de pommes a la plantation
2017-05-07 23:51:23 MikeGTI (Guest)
Love all the extra things to do and the farm layout. Just think the fields are really not very good. They seem like an after thought. Pity!
2017-05-12 20:48:53 tiluche76 (Guest)
très belle carte, mais beaucoup de bug (vache ne bouge plus devant le mangeoire) et blocage de la carte
2018-02-23 14:14:46 TERAtraktor
wery good map

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