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uploaded 2018-05-13 12:14:52, by Rain

- Pigs and cows did not produce manure anymore
- Fixed Pon Crystal straw tarpaulin
- Pigs NavMesh improved (freeze fixed)
- Corrected incorrect help text for potato storage
- Water from the dog was mistakenly displayed in the farm silo
- pig feed price increased (15.000L now cost about 20.000 €) (can vary by the whole price model of the LS)
- Help text corrected on the pigsty (2 instead of 3 piglet boxes)
- fixed wrong texture path on Manure Bale (Error: cant load resource ...)
- Script for visible juveniles did not work as intended, more and more juveniles were displayed after each save.
- Tip Colli installed at the pallet filling line (to prevent the material from getting under the machine accidentally)
- Effect on the Künzel GrainMaster fixed
- FillTrigger on the cereal meal sack slightly enlarged
- PDA map corrects to field 5 (view from field did not match real field)

New features / changes:
- The lady at the court removed
- SkipNight script removed (too many problems are no longer needed)
- FastForward Mod / Fast Forwarding is now no longer blocked (the entire machines or factories now work independently of the set game speed)
- Figure optimized by the village shop
- Liquid fertilizer in the IBC container can now be sold at the agricultural trade and Raiffeisen (user request)
- Camera for the pallet filling system installed (known from the streams) for better readability of the display
- Placeable things can now be placed again at the potato store on the forecourt.
- Manure storage now has a PDA icon for faster jumping.
- Gold nuggets are back in there, but where and how to get there I do not betray :)
- Disabled contamination of feed troughs in the animals
- Pig Man is now in the corridor of the pigsty
- Animal prices are standard again, otherwise not really worth it
- Pallet filling plant expanded by manure, it is now possible to produce manure bales (usable for the greenhouses or for sale)
- Sales outlets expanded, it is now also possible to sell manure and silage bales at the agricultural trade and Raiffeisen. (Range outlet)
- At the country trade and Raiffeisen market now also pressed silage and hay bales can be sold
- Kuhstall has now got a feeding trough
- Meadows at the farm are now fertilizable (either anticipate new game or simply clear the cultivator_density.gdm in the savegame, please note reset your fieldwork, Cultivate, plowed, etc.)

Farmer Andy



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uploaded by Rain
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Comments (5)

2018-05-13 15:22:06 Gideo (Guest)
To many lag! and i have high end. look at ge many lag to bad map to little fields
2018-05-15 02:49:26 toni254 (Guest)
good map but more lag!!! 20-25 fps plss fix the lag the map is the best for me!!!!!
2018-05-16 01:45:46 toni9
farmer andy fix the map plsss. fast forword not working the game is crassing stuk. milk station notwork system hose plss fix. map is the best good work!!!!
2019-04-06 07:45:24 mac1973
how do you buy the dogs?
2020-03-10 18:06:32 binks (Guest)
What kind of dipstick took version only for supporters and published here? DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS!!! This is only a beta version from Farmer Andy. It's for testing only. There would be a lot of changes in a final version of Have some respect for the author for goodness sake!

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