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Hungary from Vaszics v 2.0

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uploaded 2018-10-30 10:19:37, by Vaszics

Hungary from Vaszics 2.0
The Hungary 2.0 map was redesigned from the map of Hungary. The basics are similar, but my tart was greatly changed.
Hope that you will be able to find information on the map with the help you need. I apologize for any existing mistakes and will constantly improve it.
The 1-2-3 fields are owned and the rest must be purchased. Water can be obtained free of charge at source. Field 1 is used with grass.
When launching a new game, I have the machines I have proposed on the map, which can of course be replaced at any time. To do this, it is necessary to copy the files in the defaultVehicles \ new \ Machines and modes required directory to the MODS directory.
The Proposed machines and modes directory contains the files that can help the game.
It is possible to accelerate harvest maturity. To do so, the file in the package must be copied to the MODS directory.
You can get more capacity trains if you use the assembly I have assembled.
The individual capacity of grain and sugarBeets wagons has been increased to 30,000,000 liters. This way we can deliver a larger quantity of goods at a time (up to 270,000,000 liters).
To do this, the contents of the attached train / new directory must be copied to the correct location of the original FS17 program (it is recommended to copy it from the original library before copying).
C: \ Program Files \ Farming Simulator 17 \ Farming Simulator 17 \ data \ vehicles \ train
Some parameters:
The map is 4x
Factory (20)
Bakery Canned_fruit Fermentation Fertilizer Forage Greenmanure Hmilk Mills Orchid_gardens Pigfood Refinery Sawmill Seed Slaughterhouse
Soybean Southern fruit Sugar Weberei Whiskey
Store (21)
Castle Circus Creamery Farmhouse Farmshop Gasstation Horse Hotel_Balaton Hotel_Kekes
Manure_slurry_Tisals Parliament PowerPlant Strawsale Vajdahunyad Wholesale_trailer_Bp
Wholesale_trailer_Debrecen Wholesale_trailer_Gyor Wholesale_train_Bp Wholesale_train_Debrecen Wholesale_train_Gyor WoodSell
Products (59)
apple applecanned bakery banana bananaliqueur barley barleyflour boards bread cartonsvapa chaff cherry cherrycanned coco coconuwhiterum cornflour cow dryGrass_windrow emptypalletsvapa fertilizer forage fruitsugar fuel grass_windrow gratedcoco greenmanure HMIL liquidFertilizer liquidManure maize manure meat milk mmcandy orange orangesyrup pig pigFood plum plumcanned potato rape ripebanana sausage seeds sheep silage soybean stoffrolleMK straw sugar sugarBeet sunflower water wheat wheatflour whiskey wood wool woodChips


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uploaded by Vaszics
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