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Hi I've fixed my bugs and uploaded version 1.1. Salut Je corrige mes erreurs et téléchargé à la version 1.1! Hallo Ich korrigierte meine Fehler und hochgeladen auf Version 1.1! Ciao Ho corretto i miei errori e caricato alla versione 1.1! Cześć Poprawiłem moje błędy i dodane do wersji 1.1! привет Я исправил свои ошибки и загружен до версии 1.1!
Hi McMowgli! Indeed, 50,000 liters. This was set before, because I did very low weight loss. Overall, you could have 500,000 liters, but you would never have to refill it. I do not understand the Greenmanure question.
on Islands from Vaszics
4 years ago
Hi brett! Thanks for your signal. I fixed the bug for storage2 and put it on the net. Here is the direct link from where you can download it: Station No. 3 was not moved because it is part of the concept to have a storage on the mountain, and I can only store it at that point on the mountain farms. Sorry and thank you.
Hi McMowgli! I also recommend downloading the link in the message sent to Günter.
on City from Vaszics
5 years ago
Dear noris1225! Thanks!
Hi mctuga! If I understand, a trailer should be a non-self-loading trailer and you want to load it with a forklift truck. I did not think about it because my maps could be used to transport bulk (non-pallet) goods to a trailer or lorry from one place to another. The palletized goods are the most optimal for self-loading trailers. Try to put the goods on the inactive self-loading trailer with the forklift truck. This is an intermediate solution.
Hi everybody! Unfortunately, update 1.5.1 did not do my maps well. They are running only with 1.4.4 update. I'm sorry to investigate the situation, but I still can not figure out the problem.
Hi battlecommander! It's really a big map, lots of it on the object. The initial period is helped by not buying land. However, the grass produced by the lawnmower or its processed version can be sold for good money. Good game!
Hi Kevin! I think you're mixing the maps. First you talked about the NewCity map, and without any transition from the PoRiver map. The problem is that I create maps so that modes can only be linked to a particular map that can cause problems in the other map. These are described in the reviews
Szia forgato! Próbálok segíteni. Küldök egy email címet: Legyél szíves küld el a log.txt fájlt erre a címre. Talán ki lehet olvasni belőle a hibát. Nagyon sokan, több százan játszanak ezzel a térképpel, gond nélkül. Nem írtad, hogy a Farming Simulator 17 melyik verzióját használod. Nálam a Version: b1841 fut. Az általam javasolt és küldött teljes konfigurációval is próbáltad?