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City2 from Vaszics Final

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uploaded 2018-11-12 14:37:04, by Vaszics

City2 from Vaszics Final
The information boards have been restored according to the former, well-established system, the entire factory sector,
The following objects were refurbished: Animalsobjects, FreeWater, LiquidMixlager, MixLager, MultiLager, Storages, VehicleShop.
The B747 aircraft was abolished.
Instead of the airport, helicopter station was placed.
New aircraft is the balloon.
There was a change in the recommended vehicles.
There is no mention of the CaseIHCartAirSeeder_City2 seeder and HolmerTerraDosT4_40_HR20 harvester.
New proposed machine is the FS17_AmazoneCondor15001_City2 seeder and rimme_Carrot_20, Grimme_Grape_20, Grimme_Onion_20, Grimme_Potato_20, Grimme_SugarBeet_20, Grimme_SugarCane_20 sprayer combines.
FS17_LocoDrive mode is not included in the suggested modes, as it has been shown that in some cases it may cause a freeze.
The 11-12-13-14-15 fields are owned and the rest must be purchased. Water can be obtained free of charge at source. Field 11 is used with grass.
When launching a new game, I have the machines I have proposed on the map, which can of course be replaced at any time. To do this, it is necessary to copy the files in the defaultVehicles \ new \ Machines and modes required directory to the MODS directory.
The Proposed machines and modes directory contains the files that can help the game.
In the price table, most of the icons on fruits have been replaced on a text surface for easier handling. The plant icon is not visible in table 2-3 of crop types. This does not affect the course of the game. The Factory information field.xlsx excel table in the package can provide a great deal of help with the material needs of the factories.
It is possible to accelerate harvest maturity. To do so, the file in the package must be copied to the MODS directory.
You can get more capacity trains if you use the assembly I have assembled.
The individual capacity of grain and sugarBeets wagons has been increased to 30,000,000 liters. This way we can deliver a larger quantity of goods at a time (up to 270,000,000 liters).
To do this, the contents of the attached train / new directory must be copied to the correct location of the original FS17 program (it is recommended to copy it from the original library before copying).
C: \ Program Files \ Farming Simulator 17 \ Farming Simulator 17 \ data \ vehicles \ train
Some parameters:
The map is 4x
Factory (37)
Bakery, Biofood, Brewery, Canned_fruit, Coffee, Dairy, Eggfarm,Fermentation, Fertilizer, Forage, Goldmine, Goose, Green1, Green2,Greenmanure, Hmilk, Jam_juice_yogurt,Mills, Noodles, Oilfield,Oil_Mills, Orchid_gardens, Pigfood, PotatoCenter, Rabbits,Reibekuchen, Sawmill, Seed, Slaughterhouse, Slurry, Southern Fruit, Sugar, Tobacco, Weberei, Whiskey, Winery
Store (18)
Airport, Bale, Banking, Castle, Central, Farmhouse, Fuel, Gasstation,Grainport, Graintrans, Horse, Hospital, Market, Milksell, Power,Shop, Wine, Wood Sell
Products (129)
apple, applecanned, aviationfuel, bakery, banana,
bananaliqueur, barley, barleyflour, beer, blackbean, boards,
bread bullsblood, butter, carrot, cartonsvapa, cauliflower, cauliflower2, chaff, cherry, cherrycanned, cigar, cigarette, coco, coconuwhiterum, coffee, coffeeBD, condensedmilk, cookingOil, cornflour, cotton, cow, dryGrass_windrow, emptypalletsvapa, fatteningFood, fertilizer, forage, fruitsugar, fuel, gold, gooseFood, gooseliver, goosemeat, grape, grapejuice, grass_windrow, gratedcoco, greenmanure, HMIL, hops, jam, juice, kefir, liquidFertilizer, liquidManure, maize, manure, meat, melon, melon2, millet, milk, mmcandy, Motoroil, mustard, noodles, oat, Oil, onion, orange, orangesyrup, osternei, residual fuel oil, paper, peanut, pig, pigFood, plum, plumcanned, potato, potatoChip, pumpkin, pumpkin2, rabbit food, rabbitmeat, rape, raspberrybeer, raspberrysvapa, redcurrantsbeer,redcurrantssvapa, reibekuchen, rice, ripebanana, rye, sausage, seeds, sheep, silage, sorghum, soybean, steamedPotato,stoffrolleMK, straw,strawberrybeer, strawberrysvapa, sudangrass, sugar, SUGARBEET, sugarcane, sunflower, tobacco, tokaynoble, tomato, tomato2, Trester, triticale, washedPotato, water, wheat, wheatflour, whiskey, wood, woodChips, wool, yogurt, yogurt1
Good game


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uploaded by Vaszics
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Comments (2)

2018-11-29 07:58:47 Farinas (Guest)
Hello. Can you make this map for FS19 ? thx in advance
2018-11-30 06:57:25 Vaszics
Hi Farinas! I can not say good. GE 8.0 has undergone changes that do not fit my visually impaired eye. At all, I can not do anything within FS19. I'm sorry.

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