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HuntMap v 2.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 13 votes
uploaded 2017-12-15 01:25:20, by HuntMaxim

This is my first map. My English is very bad, so this is translation software translation. I am a Chinese player, because of the network blockade is difficult to communicate with you.
Since I will not make 3D models, I used their model without the original author's permission, and I would like to sincerely apologize to them. I can not remember the names of the original authors of each model so I can not thank them for writing them out.
I thank them again and hope for their forgiveness.
There are many features editor I will not use, so the map is not perfect.
Sugar cane, Some tray factory.


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uploaded by HuntMaxim
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Comments (9)

2017-12-15 07:07:27 swissfarmer
Despite the censorship, congratulations to you for your first card. It is well built and works very well. Thank you for sharing your work and I hope there will be more, sharing in the world of Farming Simulator has no borders. :) -------------- Malgré la censure, bravo à toi pour ta première carte. Elle est bien construite et fonctionne très bien. Merci d'avoir partagé ton travail et j'espère qu'il y en aura d'autres, le partage dans le monde du Farming Simulator n'a pas de frontières. :) ---------------------------- 儘管審查,恭喜你的第一張卡片。 這是精心打造,工作得很好。 感謝您分享您的工作,我希望會有更多,在農業模擬器的世界共享沒有國界。 :) - translate to chines traditionnel -
2017-12-15 17:51:35 farmer (Guest)
scheiß map läuft nicht
2017-12-15 17:52:30 matthew (Guest)
hi wat is the sell shop on the farm i cant see wat they are were to sell thing to plz help me
2017-12-15 18:07:19 farmer (Guest)
die map ist nicht mal zu sehen, sie existiert nicht in game
2017-12-15 19:16:24 HuntMaxim
Map needs game version V1.5.1.0 above to run. Grain sell,Pallet sell and Shop use Chinese display, may not be displayed because of language incompatibility
2017-12-15 19:20:01 HuntMaxim
Grain sell and Pallet sell at the port
2017-12-17 11:30:49 Torsten (Guest)
Super Map alles top Maschinen laufen ohne ende
2017-12-17 13:49:08 dumi (Guest)
Why do I have field number 4 underwater?
2017-12-23 22:58:03 farmer (Guest)
einfach nur ne Müll Map, fail map

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