Sandy Bay Map v 1.0

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3 years ago
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Welcome to Sandy Bay 17. This is a fictional map set in devon uk with many great views.
- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
- Custom crop/Grass textures with many other new textures.
- Two farms (all animals are at the main farm).
- 3 sell points,BGA etc.
- 46 fields small/medium/large.
- Moving clouds.
- Over 20 new models made by myself.
- Forestry, sawmill area and missions all included.
- Lots of animated objects birds, cat, fish, snake, dogs, train, boats, people, traffic etc. (pc Only).
- Chopped straw (pc only).
- Various custom sounds across the map.

I Hope you all like this map. -Oxygendavid.



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Latest Version v 1.0
Game FS 17
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Created 3 years ago


Daggerwin - Realism Is Key (Guest)
2 weeks ago

Sandy Bay and Letton Farm are my favorite and no i am not the real Daggerwin i am just a fan.

Kellie (Guest)
2 years ago

I was wondering if I could get the map to Sandy Bay 17 so I can enlarge it on my computer so I will know where I'm suppose to go on my XB1. I have an eye disease plus cataracts and everything is always blurry and it's hard to see much of anything unless it's enlarged. I would greatly appreciate it very much. Here's my email address: Thanks, Kellie

Marcynho (Guest)
3 years ago

Hi, I would like to know if it will update this map and if it will solve the problem of the milk machine to be able to transport, thank you reply thanks.

Marcynho (Guest)
3 years ago

Hello, the map is really the best of all to date, I've already played this map since the farming simulator 2015 and honestly I do not want another map, but I'd like the map manager to go get the cows milk and take the map Somewhere like in 2015, thank you immensely for an upgrade with this milk in the tank.Thank you

Trucky (Guest)
3 years ago

I say Ole chap, what RAF field is nearby you that has the "Herc" flyin into? Flew over top, great sound great look. It was a great map in 15 now it's just awesum. Thank you. Yep I'll give 6+ Stars.

3 years ago

Thank You,Very good job 6 * Stars Map , is even better than FS 15 and with an eye for details.Keep Up the good work...and please, hopefully you keep this exceptional very good map up to date and improves where it's needed.The only downside is (For me): I had a different type of grass selected with more color and flowers .... but I am not a mod, but a player, hopefully you will pay some attention to it.Thanks again for sharing this great, great Map ******.

3 years ago

Heard the plane coming and rushed out of the shop to see it fly past... and a snake was slithering past nearby... love the horses in the field too... this game really raises the bar.. thanks again for sharing!

Mafiozos68 (Guest)
3 years ago

I'm thrilled. The map is awesome. Very detailed & well organised farms. NIce scenery. Thanks

Mikegti (Guest)
3 years ago

Great map. So much attention to detail. Thought it was good in FS15 but its even better in FS17. Best map to date.

3 years ago

Great map - thank you! This.. and Chellington are my two favourite maps! Keep up the great work.


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