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Unzip Missouri River Bottoms Final Revised V10

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uploaded 2018-08-23 03:40:41, by jb3pc4sale

I have left the name FS17MissouriRiverBottomsV9 so you won't have to start new game. I have tested loading on this version and loaded without errors.
I have change the red buildings to white. I have added tobacco and hemp, now it has hempPaper and cigarettes to map. I have added liquid storages along train lines, water molasses, liquidFertilizer, fuel, sunflowerOil, digestate, and liquidManure now can be hauled in tankers by trains. After you fill train tankers you can stop train where needed and unload to transport trailers and haul where needed.
I have added 2 spline trains so signals works better when using the locoDrive mod.
I have changed the river port triggers to where you will need to send off train to collect money. The riverPort 1 has a barge that you fill and send off with train trigger. I have removed millet and redCabbage. You will need to get redCabbage from greenhouse for coleslaw. More info is on the FS17 MIssouriRiverBottoms V9 post.

Farm House - LoneWolfRD
Bob Hastings for testing map
reneb, joker35 Blacky, Nils23, RC-Devil- BlackSheep
Vanquish081, SanAndreas, scripts Kevin98 and Marh
Vaszics, fencing- sandgroper, union Pacific 8774 by sixgun, Greg Modding
cropmowing- alfalfa6945
startPointSave - modelleicher
If I fogot anyone, I'm sorry

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uploaded by jb3pc4sale
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Comments (3)

2018-08-26 23:35:28 Jayeln Boling (Guest)
Having issues with exiting out of the map, cycling between equipment, and getting the menu page to pull up. Anyone else having this problem on this map?
2018-08-27 14:56:10 jb3pc4sale
Jayeln it sounds you are having mod conflict check your log.
2018-08-27 15:00:27 jb3pc4sale
I have replace the map to have couple of updates I have made. LogisticCenter now shows a storage fill types on board. The area where the turkey are I have made area so you can put placeables in front and behind turkeys. I have replace the euro barges with American tugboat and barges. If you want this update download map again

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