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uploaded 2018-10-24 11:14:25, by Cruise

Dynamic sky inserted.
Eggs collector inserted in the chickens.
Added a washing area in the yard.
Minor changes made to the snowmask.
The small sawmill display was fixed and the capacities slightly adjusted. Also removed a small, invisible object. Fuel consumption reduced.
Abladetrigger the garden center again changed.
At the grazing animals the mask has been revised.
Outlet pipe changed at the yard camp. The display at the courtyard camp pushed up a bit.
The map includes 2 placeable silo extensions, which expand the capacity of the large silo and the yard warehouse. All fruits registered in the silos are supported.

The main courtyard was built in a different place from scratch.
All animals are on the farm.
The farm offers a lot of space for more, placeable objects.
Water, seed and fertilizer can be purchased on the farm.
The car dealer has moved into the vicinity of the farm.
Various halls and shelters set up in the yard.
There is a field at the farm.
All gold nuggets were redistributed.
Minor changes in the tiling.
Wheat, barley, canola and Landscape textures of Eribus installed.
Trigger increased for the sale of wood at the sawmill.
All Tour Icons removed.
The reset point down to the yard.
Some minor adjustments.
PDA image renewed.

Lichtpck, Farmer Andy, Nils23, kevink98, slowtide63, BlackSheep, Eisbearg


VOLKSVALLEY v 2.4.2 SEASONS, 1 photoVOLKSVALLEY v 2.4.2 SEASONS, 2 photoVOLKSVALLEY v 2.4.2 SEASONS, 3 photoVOLKSVALLEY v 2.4.2 SEASONS, 4 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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2018-10-24 20:44:35 machman23 (Guest)
make it a zip file plz

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