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Cat Pack

Rating: 4/5, based on 60 votes
uploaded 2017-05-23 12:10:53, by winston9587

This is the Cat Pack Converted to FS17 by winston9587 this Pack
has 16 mods or 15 zip files must unzip main ZIP and copy each file to your mods folder.
all proper credits are in the moddesc of each mod.

Original fs13 author Goelm / Cat Edit Getsome2030

Converted to FS17 By winston9587.

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (30)

2017-05-23 12:46:46 muggi (Guest)
Dont work
2017-05-23 18:24:56 gaz (Guest)
make sure your mods are working right be for you upload them because your cat pack is not working that good
2017-05-23 20:32:00 Frank4422
Die LKW,s und sie DR 7 lassen sich nicht kaufen.
2017-05-23 21:24:22 @all who thinks it doesn't work (Guest)
If you follow instructions and unzip main ZIP and copy each file to your mods folder you will not have any issues. I tried every single mod on multiple maps and they all work as intended, sounds, lights, movement etc. If it's not working for you most likely you have a mod conflict.
2017-05-23 21:30:31 Losers cant read - MODS FANTASTIC (Guest)
Go back to school or learn how to COMPREHEND INSTRUCTIONS. Every mod works perfectly for me on every map, with piles of mods and maps in my game folder. SO sick of losers trying to give modders issues because they can't follow directions!
2017-05-23 22:49:41 Farmer Giles (Guest)
Works just fine for me. I think the secret to making this pack work is to actually read the name of the downloaded .zip file. Nice pack, uploader. Thank you.
2017-05-23 23:59:31 GHOST }{DC (Guest)
I installed the mods after I unzipped them, I have a problem buying 2 of the mods, when I purchase them it hangs on purchase window. I didn't have a problem with the others, here are the 2 I can't buy. Cat Actros and Cat 980H. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't mod I don't have the know how. I think the men and women who do mod are awesome for making mods, for those of us who can't, to make the game more enjoyable. Keep up the good work !
2017-05-24 01:02:43 remove light add on mod (Guest)
Those two use mods have belecheung for the work lights, remove the light add on mod, that mod causes conflicts with many mods not just winstons.
2017-05-24 02:56:43 dmac4w (Guest)
love the pack...have the hobgoblin truck gonna release that Krone ?
2017-05-24 06:32:45 Eagle355th
Awesome Pack! I want that KRONE
2017-05-24 10:42:41 GHOST }{DC (Guest)
Thanks for the reply I do have the light add on I will remove it.
2017-05-24 14:34:30 @eagle355th (Guest)
It's coming check here
2017-05-24 17:28:21 Awesome (Guest)
Looks good :D I was hoping the excavator would work on the map I am using but it don't scoop the stone :( the map is Valley crest. hope there is some updates for the pack :)
2017-05-24 19:47:31 firstmarsfirecardinal
Lowboy and dolly, flat bed are working fine.... still waiting.. on the other mods in pack to load...
2017-05-24 22:13:38 Rifleman (Guest)
Possible update to include equipment getting dirty? They don't look right next to my dirty trucks and tractors.
2017-05-25 05:23:56 Eagle355th
I was driving the truck and pressed a button the doors came open and I went flying out LMAO
2017-05-26 00:46:19 @firstmarsfirecardinal (Guest)
READ THE COMMENTS, THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN ADDRESSED, Stop using the Light add on mod, these vehicles use belecheutng for work lights and the stupid light mod screws them up as well as all mods with proper lights
2017-05-28 04:01:43 annihlinkin
only problem I have is the excavator, I cant buy It
2017-05-28 18:12:56 Fishy (Guest)
The excavator freezes up my game can't buy it
2017-05-30 17:23:45 Swift (Guest)
Converted mods seem to create hick-ups more often than not... I think it will be better if the next Farm Simulator would require that mods must be developed from scratch, That way we will have a lot less buggy mods, I think.
2017-06-07 05:51:23 Gil (Guest)
Muito bom
2017-06-09 10:02:09 Eagle355th
The excavator works great for me.. Evan with the light addon I appreciate the work they put into it to fix it, Original fs13 author Goelm / Cat Edit Getsome2030 Converted to FS17 By winston9587. Thanks alot! Have A Nice Day!
2017-06-11 13:19:38 nonofarmer (Guest)
Bonne idée, dommage que certains véhicules bug ! Le dolly donne de la vitesse au camion et il devient impossible à conduire, idem pour la citerne. Il serait agréable de faire tester les mods avant de les uploader ici ceci pour permettre un bon retour sur ceux-ci. A part cela, un grand travail à été fait et merci pour celui-ci. J'espère que les bugs seront corrigés petit à petit ;)
2017-06-11 19:55:28 skoda king (Guest)
trailers all work fine but no machine can be bought and if it is bought it wont run :(
2017-06-19 00:24:05 Cooper (Guest)
it give me all pices when i unpack, but in game shop only the 2 trucks and 2 loader, the tank and trail and from them i can only get tank and trailer. trucks and frontloaders get stock in purchasing so what else can i say then that is just shit :(
2017-06-19 07:17:19 Cooper (Guest)
i removed light addeon, now i can by the machine but they are impossible to control once you try go forward it set off in full speed and cant be stoped if i try steer it would just go round round and cant stop it for like 30 sec. so i stand for what i say in earlyer post this is absolutly just utterly shit..sry but that is my oppinion.
2017-06-21 06:08:39 logan (Guest)
loganbug12 3
2017-06-23 10:52:05 Eddie (Guest)
this is crap mods all off them are conflict mods with this mods in your modfolder you will have bug on this and on many off your mods you use that normaly working with no problem but with this many placeable mods will stop work or make them go crazy, and thats without light addeon install just one off many wrong you will get is kotte universal tank will transform digistive to diesel and diesel to digistiv if you have cat tanker active, so please dont upload this kind off crap mods its just shit.
2017-12-13 02:12:13 Tom90
Nice job winston !
2017-12-21 17:41:30 retards (Guest)
lol all mods work for me. i even tested them on all the maps i have. and i got over 500 something mods and not a single one conflicts with this mod. maybe yall need to learn how to propertly install a unzip file.

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