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INTERNATIONAL 4568 + 15 other v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2018-04-09 19:31:23, by John Der33

In this farming Simulator 2017 I showcase the cool International 4568 4WD Tractor!

In pack:
1. IH1026
2. IH1256
3. IH1456
4. IH4166
5. IH4186
6. IH4wds
7. IH66_68seriesV1
8. IH66_68seriesV2
9. IH720plow
10. IH756
11. IH826
12. IH856
13. IH862wd
14. IHbuckets
15. IHglencoes
16. IHweights

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INTERNATIONAL 4568 + 15 other v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2018-04-16 22:48:12 FS17fan (Guest)
This pack is absolute garbage. Was excited to finally get some old IH tractors but nearly all of them have some serious issues with how they handle. They act like they are top heavy, if you take a hard turn they just tip over on their side. Even adding duals to the 2wd tractors didn't make a difference, they still tipped over fairly easily. I've got other versions of some of these tractors I've found mods on that are way better both in detail and how they handle. I don't know crap about making mods but this pack would have some potential if someone were to work out the bugs with them.

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