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Peterbilt 388 Truck and Manic Flatbed Trailer

Rating: 4/5, based on 30 votes
uploaded 2016-12-07 01:11:40, by winston9587

This is My Peterbilt 388 and Manic Flatbed trailer.
The trailer had tension straps and also has Auto Load Function.

Truck and Trailer Winston9587 and CarolinaBoy
UAL Script By HoT Modding Team.


Peterbilt 388 Truck and Manic Flatbed Trailer, 1 photoPeterbilt 388 Truck and Manic Flatbed Trailer, 2 photoPeterbilt 388 Truck and Manic Flatbed Trailer, 3 photoPeterbilt 388 Truck and Manic Flatbed Trailer, 4 photo

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (12)

2016-12-07 02:54:38 Francis (Guest)
What map/shop/building is that?
2016-12-07 20:50:53 Ranfeld (Guest)
is this semi and trailer color changeable
2016-12-07 21:35:56 guest (Guest)
no semi and trailer are not color changeable
2016-12-09 06:49:26 CJ781
Great semi. Looks great. Way fast and coupled with the Wilson trailer mod is a bit tippy. (Maybe I could learn to slow down around the corners better?) nice work +1
2016-12-12 19:51:24 ensinofarms0420 (Guest)
so it will load cargo by itself?
2016-12-23 19:03:08 Bahn (Guest)
Cool, good looking mod but it could be scaled up in size. Doesn't work well with any of the other trailers.
2017-02-01 02:57:52 Color_select (Guest)
It's easy to edit the DDS for the main truck with whatever color you like. American trucks and the european trailers have had issues in EVERY version of Farm Sim,
2017-02-17 08:00:55 rollincoal710 (Guest)
auto load doesnt seem to function
2018-01-15 20:48:14 papanealesmurf
You: hello winston like to know if you could fix your mod pack of the Peterbilt 388 Truck and Manic Flatbed Trailer every time i try and buy the truck it lags out my game i even loaded just your mod alone in the folder and still does the same this is the only i dont have to my fleet of trucks i have of your love your truck and outhers great work thanks
2018-02-06 03:25:19 shadowr434
Papaneal, I found the same problem recently. Funny thing is, Ive used it previously without issue. I believe something changed with it when Farmsim was undated.
2019-02-21 21:32:54 derek (Guest)
most of his mods wont work if u have the light add on mod if u do turn it off and try that shadowr434
2019-10-06 01:14:39 Ford4ever
This is the nicest 18 wheeler mod u can download, super clean and hauls great.

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