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Pistenbully Special Pack v 8.0

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uploaded 2018-08-19 19:07:03, by John Der33

So a word ahead:
This Pistenbuully is taken from the SRS 2012 and has been repeatedly dismantled and rebuilt several times. Our caterpillar has nothing in common with the caterpillar of TSL except that they are both from the same game.

The pack consists of the Pistenbully, 2 silo weights (5 and 10 tons) and a sliding plate.
Data for the snowcat

Power levels:
Standard = 1960 hp / 41 km / h
More power = 3680 hp / 61 km / h
Maximum power = 6670 hp / 81 km / h
Ultimate Power = 84570 hp / 411 km / h

-Vorne and rear jeweis a hydraulic with pin shaft connection
and you can grow Trailers and LowTrailer as well as anything that fits the hydraulics by default
Xenon light installed (headlights and work light front and rear)
LED all-round lights and speed cameras installed at the front and at the rear
-LS 17 standards he owns

Permanent four-wheel by tracked chassis
Data on the weights

These 2 weights were built especially for this Pistenbully by us and are only limited usable with other machines due to the high weight.
-Weight: 5 tons and 10 tons
- Partially washable
-Ideal for compacting the sillage or as a counterweight

Data for the sliding plate
The shield is completely controlled by mouse and can be adjusted completely as you need it. It was made especially for the Pistenbully and adapted but can also be used with other vehicles.
-Shield volume: 9500 liters
-Completely washable
-Compatibility with other vehicles available

So and now I wish you a lot of fun with this pack from us.
On reasonable criticism and suggestions for improvement will be discussed in the comments.
Video presentations are welcome.
Best regards
Cobra and the MTL Modding Team

Modell: Ursprunglich SRS 2012 / Komplett zerlegt und neu Aufgebaut vom MTL Modding TeamTextur: MTL Modding TeamScript: MTL Modding TeamIdee / Konzept: Unsere YouTube Community / MTL Modding TeamTester: Unsere YouTube Community / MTL Modding Team

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2018-08-21 03:48:38 me (Guest)
84570 hp ? Are you retarded?

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