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Fendt Erweiterung v 1.2.1

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uploaded 2018-11-07 20:16:49, by John Der33

I know there is already a mod, or even several, which offer the tractors of the brand Fendt in the game with the full color selection, but they also contain the models and bring them back into the game, I do not.

What is he doing now?
With the mod Fendt extension | Fendt Extension gives you the possibility to paint the devices and machines of the brand Fendt in the game in all standard colors. This also applies to the Fendt Harvester Package if you have this in the game.

In addition, I have with this little mod for the Fendt 300, 700 and 900 series, the missing engines with inserted, of course, with appropriate performance and cost.

Disadvantage of my way of incorporating the above mentioned in the game:
The decals for the motorization are not replaceable, therefore, the default decals are displayed

Advantage in my way of incorporating the above into the game:
Colors and engines are added to the machines and equipment already in the game WITHOUT the need for additional mod vehicles

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So we have to google google a little bit



Fendt Erweiterung v 1.2.1, 1 photo
uploaded by John Der33
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