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FS17 Peterbilt 389 Heavy Haulage

Rating: 4/5, based on 22 votes
uploaded 2018-05-02 17:55:43, by winston9587

This is my Peterbilt 389 Heavy Haulage
I added a Third fender option the heavy fender bed and rack are the third fender option.
I have 3 skins on this version Caterpillar, Mammoet, and Heavy Haulage Australia.
added the heavy haulage front bumper.
you still have wing and areo kit options.
sliding fifth wheel
passenger script and engine brake
& lift axle
and 3 stack options.

winston9587, Testing Toby, Neale, model is vipers 389 modified from ATS.

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (14)

2018-05-03 10:40:25 XXGhostieXX (Guest)
Nice work mate looks good cant wait to try it out
2018-05-03 13:54:22 Dont bother (Guest)
2018-05-03 20:48:26 Patrickduffyleg1 (Guest)
Don't bother is a F@g. Good mod other than the sound everytime i hit the gas pretty anoyying you should reall change the sound out for another.
2018-05-03 22:31:38 AWESOME (Guest)
Hey "Don't Bother" why don't you do something better? I'll download it!!!
2018-05-04 01:09:52 Tiny Trucks for Baby Boo (Guest)
still SMALL scale. itty bitty little trucks. ALL your trucks are TINY. Under scaled every time. put em next to any in game truck... see how ridiculous it is. yeah, they are fantastic trucks. great looking and running. but they look like something you buy your kid for his Birthday so he can putt around in the back yard. Can you even attempt to create ONE honest to god freeking TRUE SCALE truck? just one? Come on man, you know you can do it.
2018-05-04 15:51:34 winston9587
@Tiny Trucks for Baby Boo the trucks are scaled same as ats giants actually have theirs over scaled in 17 . but dont worry all my other mods i am working on are scaled up 1.2 to the original. nobody complained in fs13 or fs15 when all the trucks were this scale. so if you dont like the mod as is just dont use it.
2018-05-07 16:50:56 space 1999 (Guest)
hi winston very beautiful and very good mod tanks to you
2018-05-11 20:02:12 Chris (Guest)
Great mod only downside is it is not color changeable just the three skins can you update it to be color changeable? Still a great mod Thanks.
2018-05-15 16:42:47 sucks beyond belief (Guest)
ALL jokes, What a joke of a person, should never be recognized as a modder, since he has no experience to make his own mods. He can only bring in other modders stuff and then takes ALL the credit for making it, Seriously, when will you people wake up. And his crap has ALWAYS been underscaled, blaming it on ATS? HA, stop stealing ATS mods then. Once a THIEF, ALWAYS a THIEF.
2018-06-12 13:38:15 Rx1966
yea its hilarious this dipshit Winston (non modder..wanaBe editor) - nothing but a thief..and you blame ATS..well guess what Winston..i tracked down the original ATS Workshop posts of these Truck Mods and the Author states: "my work is not to be shared or uploaded to no other site" and YOU..clearly admitted that you took these trucks from ATS. and wha-la here they are..sad Modland isn't going to do a damn thing about it..and WInston only does what he does, because the Admin here - haven't trumped his punk ARE
2018-06-13 03:20:51 ktb5561
yall are so salty.. if you can do better then chop to it, lets see you all put out better mods.
2018-06-13 04:03:57 Rx1966
nah - I pass...FS19 is due out the end of'll see my work then and NEW channel. fact is I hate those who steal others work and repost it. just know..there are many of us modders/editors who DO NOT re-posts others work out of respect. but after FS19..ill be willing to pass out the mods "ive edited" for FS17..if you ask me...Nicely. i'll even edit your junk for you - so it behaves in FS17 better..if asked..Nicely and you say pretty please
2018-07-07 04:56:21 Eagle355th
2018-08-20 03:56:17 jetjrmars
it start of with only the hi, lo gear.. i change my to 12345 6h,l 7h,l 8h,l.. and she sound better , pple learn to use your editor dont make us all work hard for nothing..

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