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Peterbilt Operator 389

Rating: 2/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2018-04-16 01:21:24, by Zallamann

Power 500 hp
Fuel tank - 380 liters
Animation of the instrument panel
Dust and Traces
Dirt / washable wheels



Peterbilt Operator 389, 1 photoPeterbilt Operator 389, 2 photoPeterbilt Operator 389, 3 photoPeterbilt Operator 389, 4 photo

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uploaded by Zallamann
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Comments (2)

2018-04-16 11:36:03 lampie
If you reupoload material from others at least don´t use sharemods or upload. Use the original links thats much better.
2018-04-17 02:12:05 specs? appearance? scale? (Guest)
there are 2 fuel tanks. Each one contains 567.8 liters.1135.62 liters total. (150 US Gallons each for a total of 300 US gallons). Not 380 liters. engine scales are pure BS. Do you even waste the time to do research on the actual engines and attempt to create a somewhat close engine power and torque-scale? size of vehicle is small scale. it looks like it belongs in a cartoon. The colors and textures are crap. isn't this a simulator game? whatever happened to modders taking the time and having a bit of pride in their workmanship? I usually will take these posted mods and rebuild them to as accurate a model as possible for my own purposes.. but this one... similar to TFSG crap... is not worth the amount of time it would take to make it usable in-game. that's the short review of this mod. lets see some PRIDE in these mods! Stun us with your skills! be proud of what you achieve and strive for even greater! This mediocre stuff is killing the game.

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