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Farming Simulator 17 Update v 1.4.2

Rating: 5/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2017-02-15 01:41:23, by John Der33

Fixed direct sowing machines to work properly with the same fruit (1.4.2)
Fixed helper with the Lemken Solitair 12 (1.4.2)
Fixed helper with the Joskin Modulo (1.4.2)
Added color selection in the shop for the Goldhofer STZ-VP 3 (1.4.2)
Improved all-wheel steering for the Holmer TerraDos (1.4.2)
Increased overloading speed of Holmer Terra Felis (1.4.2)
Mirrored text on Joskin Tornado (1.4.2)
Fixed trees from placeables and planted trees going invisible when releasing the tension belts at the train (1.4.2)
Fixed reverse sound in multiplayer when turning off the motor (1.4.2)
Fixed log error message in multiplayer (e.g. with Lemken Gigant 10): Validity check failed in TransformGroup_setDirection: Direction is zero (1.4.2)
Fixed log message "Static actor moved" with savegames that have placeable trees (1.4.2)
Seeds and fertilizer trigger now don't close the tool covers automatically (1.4.2)
The farm silo trigger now automatically opens the trailer covers (1.4.2)
Fixed crash when attaching/detaching trees on the train while a vehicle is close (1.4.2)
Increased width of Lely Tigo xr 75 pickup (1.4.2)
Fixed weeder when running over grass windrows (converted them into silage foil) (1.4.2)
PS4/XB1: Fixed crash with the ForReal Ground Response mod (PS4 error code CE-34878-0) (1.4.2)
PS4/XB1: Fixed deactivation of the ForReal mods without fully restarting the game (1.4.2)
Fixed mods dynamically creating pallets (e.g. Fabrikscript) (1.4.2)
Fixed maximum camera rotation for Tobii EyeX (predecessor to Tobii Eye Tracker 4C) (1.4.2)
Improved handling of bunker silos (1.4)
Improved handling of levelers (1.4)
Various engine optimizations (1.4)
Improved loading of old savegames (1.4)
Various improvements in graphics and functions of the vehicles (1.4)
Fixed issues with conveyors (1.4)
Fixed various map issues (1.4)
Improved helper (1.4)
Various improvements when tipping anywhere (1.4)
Improvements with the forestry (1.4)
Fixed issues with the animals (1.4)
Various improvements for the GUI (1.4)
Various improvements in the multiplayer and the dedicated servers (1.4)
Fixed several localization issues (1.4)
Improved compatibility with several input devices (1.4)
Fixed various other smaller issues (1.4)
Added separate menu music volume setting (1.3.1)
Added option for mod map updates to invalidate savegame cache files (e.g. tip collision map) (1.3.1)
Fixed field of view setting (90° was very distorted) (1.3.1)
Fixed Sosnovka bunker silos collision with chaff (1.3.1)
Fixed Sosnovka manure heaps (1.3.1)
Fixed error when loading some savegames (Callstack setMass invalid Entity) (1.3.1)
Fixed error when creating a map mod from Goldcrest Valley (1.3.1)
Fixed unloading to BGA bunker using conveyor belts (1.3.1)
Fixed fertilizer missions being repeated many times (1.3.1)
Changed Jenz HE700 income category to wood (1.3.1)
Fixed animals cleanliness (1.3.1)
Fixed animals food usage (1.3.1)
Fixed pig tutorial cleaning (not enough space in trough) (1.3.1)
Fixed toggling vehicle configurations with different collisions (1.3.1)
Fixed error with wool palets in multiplayer (1.3.1)
Fixed crash when loading old savegames (from version 1.1) (1.3.1)
Fixed very low framerates and black artifacts on Mac OSX (1.3.1)
Added camera sensitivity option (1.3)
Added global game settings (can be adjusted ingame) (1.3)
Improved field mission performance (1.3)
Improved animal cleanliness factor influence (1.3)
Improved poplar seed usage and crushing output (1.3)
Improved display of multiplayer chat messages (1.3)
Improved camera with heaps on the ground (1.3)
Fixed bunker silos (shovels and other tools not removing material inside walls) (1.3)
Fixed loading bunker silos from savegames (compacting level, fermenting state, uncovering) (1.3)
Fixed trees falling through ground (1.3)
Fixed wood chrusher when bought and used in the same session (1.3)
Fixed sowing machine and fertilizer spreaders to allow filling via conveyor belts (1.3)
Fixed multiple selling of same vehicle (Direct Selling) (1.3)
Fixed loca issues (1.3)
Fixed GUI issues (overlaps, money unit update, etc) (1.3)
Fixed loading of removed vehicle configurations (1.3)
Fixed vehicle issues (graphic issues, triggers, particles) (1.3)
Fixed potato sowing machine loading from shovel (1.3)
Fixed pickup objects (if player left server) (1.3)
Fixed operating time (1.3)
Fixed station crane (1.3)
Fixed frontloader MP sync (1.3)
Fixed animal MP sync (1.3)
Fixed placable tree placement on loading (sp and mp) (1.3)
Fixed reloading of animated objects (1.3)
Fixed animated objects mp sound (1.3)
Fixed map issues (terrain, collisions, etc) (1.3)
Fixed indoor hud smoothing (rpm, speed) (1.3)
Fixed conveyor belt mp textures (1.3)
Fixed pickup objects (eggs) on client (1.3)
Fixed chainsaw loading warning (1.3)
Fixed chat if kicked or banned (1.3)
Fixed animal breeding stats saving (Achievements now also be reached when relading a savegame) (1.3)
Fixed input collision of GUI interaction and manual motor start (1.3)
Fixed animal tutorial triggers (1.3)
Fixed handtool selling on dedicated servers (1.3)
Fixed placeable MP price (1.3)
Fixed combine straw/chopper effect if helper is hired (1.3)
Improved multiplayer server selection (1.3)
Fixed animal loading to trailer if money is negative (1.3)
Fixed Goldhofer trailer on multiplayer clients (1.3)
Fixed conveyor belt helper in multiplayer (1.3)
Fixed various issues with helpers (1.3)
Fixed update of money when playing on dedicated servers (
Fixed error when buying and selling animals with the langauges Chinese and Russian (1.2.1)
Fixed mirror font on the left side of the locomotive (1.2.1)
Fixed buy state of chainsaw when joining a dedicated server (1.2.1)
Fixed "pause if empty" on dedicated servers (1.2.1)
Controls screen fixes: inverted axis assignment, mapping Y-axis of joysticks, deleting axis mappings, assigning gamepad trigger axes, assigning axes when a wheel has a cluch (e.g. Logitech G29) (1.2.1)
Fixed Valtra T indoor color (1.2.1)
Fixed visual artefacts of the lighting on older GPUs (1.2.1)
Fixed starting a dedicated server if the Windows username is disallowed by the profanity filter (e.g. Administrator) (1.2.1)
Fixed dedicated server web interface showing game admin password and restart button to non-admin users (1.2.1)
Improved detection of potential issues with mods on dedicated server (1.2.1)
Added missing fonts for dedicated servers (1.2.1)
Reduced time bonus of missions based on difficulty level of the savegame (1.2.1)

Giants Software


Farming Simulator 17 Update v 1.4.2, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (5)

2017-02-15 05:14:04 Angel-Longobardi
Thank you for heads up :)
2017-02-15 19:55:06 Leonidas82 (Guest)
Where i should put files from update?? same catalgue as all mods?? thank you
2017-02-15 21:17:10 Geht dich nichts an (Guest)
in game totale fps einbrüche vorher lief alles schiebt euch das update in den A.... Mann idioten Giants Warte auf Cattle and Crops da giebt es namlich von anfang an marke claas von anfang an reales wetter der Pfützen bildung auf felder bei regen was das festfahren verursachen kann und zuviel regen beeiträchtigt auch den Ertrag Jahreszeiten sind auch mit drin da hat man wenigstens die zeit holz zu machen im winter aber nicht bei LS17 pfffff (hätte Giants die Licens auch nicht gegeben ) LS17 wäre nicht nötig gewesen hat sich eh nischt geändert Addon hätte gereicht ausser das mit den Tieren das auch das einziege ansonsten Texturen mal wieder für den Arsch Gülle mist und dünger nicht sichtbar auf Felder. Game in die Tonne und die waren auf der Gamescom Spastis die. Aber auf diskusion liesen die sich da ja nicht ein. Game kamm raus und ja viel zu früh und das resultat sieht man ja schrott reif
2017-02-16 05:01:16 Trucky (Guest)
Downloaded, opened, started to play on a map (latest Norgewest) and it was jumping n freezing , so closed and tried a different map (Fitelberg), same thing. Restarted tried again still doing it? Deleted only 1 other downloaded mod that day to see if it was affecting no.?? Has anyone else had problems? Or can someone suggest what could be happening.
2017-02-16 07:48:27 FreeFarmer (Guest)
Got a lot of staggering with this update. "Got a very strong PC" So something is wrong here.

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