Headland Management v 1.2

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10 months ago
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latest Version v 1.2 8 months ago

ChangeLog V1.2.0.0:
- Added rear trigger for headland automatic
- Fixed lua error when using ridge marker switching on some DLC implements. Note: These implements can't be switched by this mod, because they are not addressable by script.
- Changed gui layout to work better on high resolutions
Many thanks to team Agrarplay and the project LU Wohnzimmer for the extensive test-support!

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Version: v 1.2
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Latest Version v 1.2
Game FS 19
Category Implements & Tools
Game Version 1.7.1
Downloads 289
Created 10 months ago
Last Updated 8 months ago


who cares? you obviously do (Guest)
9 months ago
dumbass. i have no need for mods, so i stopped downloading them months ago. who cares? obviously not me. my comment has trolled you again. you are weak..that thin turtle shell fractures everytime someone says something...pathetic. you turds create striffe here, and the toilet is the only thing that revoles around you.
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BigRich hella script..finally (Guest)
10 months ago
and finally, yes ladies and gents..For a script do appear, of which a need so great..that it revelusionises the frasnchise for ever. this script should be default in all future FS versions. if it works and this isnt just a fairytale. one question tho..where's the beef?..i came here looking for the proof, and all i got was sideshow Bob and his picture collection..Where's The Video?? such a brilliant script, would best to have been showcased properly..don't you agree?..of course you do. post a video of this script working and how it works..you got the attention your looking for..most are in their folded arms.. 'yea we will see' holding pattern..the timming couldnt have been any better..this is that 'one thing' missing from all privious FS versions. my advice, is dont be lazy and drop the ball on this one, your onto something good here. while others are trapped into production slavery and that script riddle..you come along with your very considerate script mod and help the average farmer and raise the bar while doing so. im on your side. this script is original to you and a game changer/improvement beyond words..wtg on that. this is how you get eyebrows raised over at Giants young man. you have something they need -Right Now! yes yes..Giants needs to put this management system in FS22 Now. make the video and get it posted.
10 months ago
@ffs... LOL. good one, pardner. I was wondering when the old blow-hard was gonna show up again...LOL
ffs... (Guest)
10 months ago

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