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FS 19 Fenton Forest v1.0 By Stevie

Rating: 4/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2019-02-24 12:27:14, by John Der33

Note a new save game must be created do not use a save from the test map 2.
The main farm is designed and built into the map and is not removable by the user in game.
If you have the test map 2 delete it from your mods folder first then place the downloaded zip into your mods folder, load and play.
The map works perfect in all 3 game modes.

Many settings for detail, draw distance, shader's, LOD, and lighting have all been customised for our PC's which are high end and run Nvidia 1080ti graphics cards. Game play locked at 60 fps with all the settings on the highest available. The map will play on lower spec systems but may not look or play as it was intended.

The map has all animals installed at the main farm. The Silo holds many items including milk and also farm supplies on the riverside which can be purchased at fair prices. Manure, digestate and liquid manure storage has been added to the Farm. It can also be purchased from the tanks near the house including herbicide. Manure sales are at the maps central placeable area. The wool can be sold on the farm sheep zone and at the spinnery in town. The map has a huge natural forestry section but it will cost you a pretty penny to by. The BGA has sunken a sunken high capacity tip point and is included with the farm. The map has a selection of square and shaped fields, placeable areas, several selling points, train, train silo storage, wood cranes for loading and unload logs to the train, sawmill and heating plant. The animal dealer is next to the train mill and you can also sell animal supplies there including water, feeds and bedding. The dairy is just before the BGA for selling milk, the farm has bale and windrow sales and a vehicle repair and cutomising shop by the farm house. The map starts off with animals and a good selection of great equipment far better than basic. You also have supplies in the silo to get started. The farm buildings generate solar income it's not much but helps towards running cost's. Don't be fooled into thinking you have mucho money even selling off the starting equipment as the map will eat what you have. Have fun with it regards Stevie.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (6)

2019-02-24 22:30:40 thebigbang_sniper
You can quit and steal mods that do not belong to you
2019-02-27 18:11:38 SiMR
hey Bigbang- sniffer..jon der33 didn't steal this map. you cant 'steal' anything from Stevie..and..if you knew Stevie..then you would know. he updates his mods per his paranoia..i would know because he is an added friend on my FB..Don't pretend to know anything - sparky
2019-03-01 22:00:24 dctoe
If you want to do something nice for Stevie, babybang, you can use that "Donate" link up there and compensate the man a little for his work. We have enough back seat cops around here.
2019-03-01 22:28:46 FarmWrangler
Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Flyover - Fenton Forest -
2019-03-11 00:31:54 KYFarmer
its not really stolen since the person who posted the map used the original link, if the original link wasnt used then thats and as far as i know even though stevie posts his mods and maps on his facebook page, i dont think he cares if his mods are posted on mod sites as long as his links are used
2019-10-24 22:17:46 josh grandad (Guest)
its all irrelevant really as via his own site we are on version update 9

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