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US MAP v 3.0

Rating: 2/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2018-12-01 11:29:51, by Cruise

Ravenport Edit.

On request of REEREE i have bring back the fields 23, 24 and 25. The heights of the terrain around the mainfarm stays the same, but instate of common dirt ground they are fields again.The dumpyard at the mainfarm stays removed. Ajust the PDA again with fields, they maby aren't 100 % in place but the are a good indication.

US map V2.1

On request, i have edit the map futher more.
I have deleted field 1 (near the lighthouse) en converted te area so you now have a great flat space to set up your farm. I have already placed 2 sheds for your equipment.

Giants, Barbicha


US MAP v 3.0, 1 photoUS MAP v 3.0, 2 photoUS MAP v 3.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (2)

2018-12-01 13:25:25 AB Farms (Guest)
Nice to see some one has given us a good flat area to make a decent farm with out any problems with placeables, good job, thanks.
2018-12-06 05:26:44 SiMR
ahhh - a Reedit of a Reedit of a default map. a squirrels turd is just as nutty

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