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Animated Placeable Machine Shop with refuel point

Rating: 4/5, based on 15 votes
uploaded 2018-12-30 03:09:19, by vfaithv

Large placeable shed all doors open and close, lift in garage lifts vehicles, was working on repair vehicle when lifted up but need more time,  fuel tank on the side of shop for refilling, interior lights turn on and off, the decorative signs on the walls also turn off and on from swith at bottom of stairs, lift also expands ramp width for wider vehicles, very detailed interior, pics dont show much settings on lowest, looking to make this repair vehicles and still be placable in the fiture hope u guys like it



Animated Placeable Machine Shop with refuel point, 1 photoAnimated Placeable Machine Shop with refuel point, 2 photoAnimated Placeable Machine Shop with refuel point, 3 photoAnimated Placeable Machine Shop with refuel point, 4 photo

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uploaded by vfaithv
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Comments (11)

2018-12-30 04:39:12 LTnasty
dude awesome job this thing is nice
2018-12-30 07:28:09 vfaithv
2018-12-30 07:30:10 XxXJordanXxX (Guest)
the better building for fs19
2018-12-30 07:52:59 vfaithv
stillworking on it, its usable now tho
2018-12-30 09:13:47 Westlanddutch (Guest)
Can you put on modland that i can download it here? im bit afraid for external download links for virusses etc.
2018-12-30 10:28:35 vfaithv
no i cant ddeletete from modland when i update it
2018-12-30 12:14:16 Westlanddutch (Guest)
I dont know how but i have it. it looks great!
2019-01-04 19:25:16 Ungaro47
no lo suban a este servidor mejor en descarga directa ya que ese servidor externo trata de interferir en pc
2019-01-06 00:15:13 tdogthekiller (Guest)
glad I read the comments on the original mod and didn't download john deeres version by mistake
2019-01-13 11:30:53 LS09God
Guys, the downloads work fine, there are no viruses. It's just that the dl'site wants you to click on there pop_ups. Close them a few times and then click on the dl_button again, the download will begin.
2019-04-21 18:00:34 Slickrick19
doesn't trigger repair mode, harvester hangs in air when on lift and goes to high for it. had to sell building to get it down out of air

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