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MEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x

Rating: 3/5, based on 71 votes
uploaded 2016-11-07 20:41:46, by mods82

Grandiose map of North and South America with the islands and continents.
The structure MEGA Map, includes almost all known to date, the content of many maps.
Location of files in the manager, shown in the screenshot.

Fixed a crash in the city of Sacramento
Fixed found bugs
Fixed many errors arose when combining maps

Only use this map set in the profile.

Extract archives 7zip, The resulting files - scs, put it in a folder - mod and connect to the manager according to the screenshot.

ATS version 1.4.x

Download all 3 parts for correct work

Erick Sandeb,
Team Maps EAA,


MEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x, 1 photoMEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x, 2 photoMEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x, 3 photoMEGA MAP OF AMERICA 1.0 Fixed version 1.4.x, 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (27)

2016-11-08 03:45:25 bossdingo32
its still crashing most or the Mario maps aren't up to date ive put them in the correct order with the right maps and it still crashes so I think all the map designers need to get in contact with each other and fix them all because non of these things are working
2016-11-08 07:02:14 bossdingo32
so turns out you have to take out all your mods for this to work I haven't tried to put any back in or even tried to drive around in those areas yet but I will soon and I will update most of you but so I'm loving the map expansion so don't hate on this mod I thought it was crashing until I fond the problem but warning for low tech computers such as mine take out mods install maps then run game then drive aund then try reinstalling most of your game files and seeif that works
2016-11-08 12:25:54 petr (Guest)
only mario litlle error santos fly diego crash little fix
2016-11-08 12:39:48 petr (Guest)
good map only fix
2016-11-08 15:58:32 bossdingo32
i am absolutely loving this mod Im sitting in sao Paulo right now and nice job adding the euro maps in it it looks absolutely amazing and petr in order for it not to crash you might have to bring down some of your graphics I had to, to get passed the san frans bridge because it crash because of it
2016-11-08 17:33:26 petr (Guest)
hi bossdingo my graphics intel insider core i 8
2016-11-08 17:35:16 petr (Guest)
i thinks he has more work fix map all mega map
2016-11-09 17:04:30 Bossdingo32 (Guest)
Well most of it I would like interstate to be added but that sort tech shouldn't fail then
2016-11-10 07:45:24 bossdingo32
ok dear creator I would like to ask for some extra maps that have been miss between Fairbanks and mono I forget its full name I would like the full off road maps including the one down in (CA) and also the actual south America map because some of it is still missing and I would like the invisible cars fixed I got hit several times for no cars even in front of me or behind or even beside me at milk or whatever its name is
2016-11-12 21:08:10 nprboref
On the map the outlines of everything and where stuff is it does not line up at all.
2016-11-16 10:36:03 bossdingo32
ok map now needs to be updated again as its crashing my game
2016-11-17 18:34:51 bossdingo32 (Guest)
ok maps are still working no thanx to the fix but I think mexico needs to be updated
2016-12-18 14:43:17 wiktor2115 (Guest)
and when will map to 1.5?
2016-12-25 13:49:52 kasia (Guest)
no one here will write comments, but please, do uptade mega maps of the 1.5 version of the game, please!
2017-02-11 22:19:55 ChickenLittle
when can u make this version 1.5 sir
2017-03-05 02:37:53 Jessebuck
how do i get maps
2017-05-04 05:33:33 AndyB
down loaded all 3 parts and didnt work for me :(
2017-05-28 22:30:26 DelYunquePR
map crashes my game when loading the scene. with all other mods disabled/or uninstalled. Am running game version 1.7.20
2017-06-09 18:17:02 JASMAZ
2017-08-02 17:29:12 silvainhogue
wong ip
2017-10-28 04:17:11 robert t (Guest)
it dosen't work i down loaded all the maps and put them in order and the game crashed
2018-03-14 16:57:41 santi (Guest)
hola , la parte 2 del archivo me pide pasword , por que pas eso y cual es ese pasword
2018-10-15 22:25:19 driftking954 (Guest)
it doesnt work bc its not mods82s mod he stoled it search freddy jiminik on facebook
2018-11-21 21:21:21 mods82
@driftking954 The map works fine on version 1.4. I'm not freddy jiminik
2019-04-20 01:48:41 luca (Guest)
Nao funciona 1.34
2020-05-29 17:49:50 daniel (Guest)
Malisimo, se cuelga el juego, manga de inutiles
2020-06-29 20:22:05 KubysonPL (Guest)
Does this mod need any dlc? Because when i want to run the mod then i have crash game

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