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MHAPro 1.31 for ATS v1.31.x

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uploaded 2018-04-18 23:00:00, by Guest


DLC New Mexico needed

1. new roads inside Sacramento
2. new connection from East to Sacramento
3. new highway from Sacramento to east, direction Carson city nbr.50
4. new city Rosemont ,CA
- company pns_con_whs
- company mha_constr
5. new place Mather Airport ,CA
- company airport
- company MHA Service
- company McDonalds
6. new city Rancho Cordova ,CA
- company MHA Service
- company ed_mkt
- company wal_food_whs
- company Burger king
7. new company Airport (will be used on some places around US)
8. new highway 50 from Sacramento to Rosemont
9. many new roads around those highways
10. some new Billboards for NBA
11. around 40 new Billboard
12. Oakdale
- company roadwork_mha
13. new highway 50 from Sacramento to Rancho Cordova
14. new road from Oakdale to Rancho Cordova
15. Los Angeles
- new look with Billboards
- new roads are opened
- company Mc Donalds
- company Burger King
16. new place Globe ,AZ
- company Mc Donalds
- company car service
- company gal_oil_gst
17. new company Car service
18. fixed company Target and parking places Double trailers
19. fixed company Ikea and parking places for Double trailers
20. fixed Ikea company visibility in game map
21. re-look roads around Fresno (CA)
22. city Fresno (CA)
- company Roadwork
23. new machine models in mod
24. city Bishop
- company Burger King
25. city Las Vegas
- company McDonalds
- new Billboards and signs inside the city
26. new city Placerville
- company Target
- company Service MHAPro
- company ed_mkt
- company kenworth - dealer
- company food service
- company petrol
- company burger king
- company tid_mkt
27. new road connection cross mountain from Placerville to Topaz Like and Bishop
28. connection between Placerville (hw 50) to Carson city finished
29. city Santa Cruz
- company service_mha
- overlook city and area
- company Roadwork
30. TA parking place in Bakersfield (CA)
31. new gas stations on highways
32. overlook new road nbr.1
33. S.Francisco - new overlook after new Update 1.29
- company McDonalds
- company Burger King
34. small city Olancha (CA)
- company mha_constr
- company gal_oil_gst
- company bn_farm
35. Tonopah
- company MHA service
36. after new SCS Update 1.29 I lost some 3-4 cities
- Beatty is back in map
37. new company car_service_small
38. new village Rachel
- company car_service_small
39. overlook around Phoenix AZ and new roads
- companies are back on place
- new gas TA station near highway 10
40. overlook Las Vegas
- companies are back on place
- company MC Donalds
41. new places for companies in Oakland
- gas station on new location
- new parking place with gas station
- company Food service
42. city Niland is back again in map after new SCS roads in map
43. overlook over some roads and new parking places TA and Flying J
44. ready for new DLC New Mexico
45. overlook and fix problems on highway from Holbrook AZ to Gallup NM
46. fixed problem with Weight station before Gallup NM
47. made parking place before Gallup NM on right side
48. overlook city Gallup NM
- company Burger King
- new extra road in city
49. overlook city Holbrook AZ
50. overlook city Show Low AZ
- company car service
- company MHA service
- company MHA construction
51. overlook Los Angeles
- back in map are McDonalds and Burger King after new SCS Sectors
52. fixed recruitment place in Sierra Vista after new DLC NM
53. overlook city Soccoro NM
- company MHA road work
- MHA service
54. overlook Albuquerque NM
- company Target
55. place Sky City
- MHA service
56. new small city Shiprock NM
- company Mc Donalds
- company Burger King
- company Car service
- company ed_mkt
- new truck rest stop
57. overlook whole north part of map again
58. city Jackpot (NV)
- company plaster and sons
- company coastline mining sand
- company coastline mining plnt
59. city Pioche (NV)
- company ed_mkt
- company gal_oil_gst
60. village Mazany Creek
- company ed_mkt
- company MHA service Fallon (NV)
- company Premiere
- company gal_oil_gst
- company cha_el_mkt¸
62. small place Coaldale
- company ed_mkt
63. small place Walker Lake
- company fal_oil_gst
- company MHA construction
64. totally new road 95 from Tonopah (NV) to Fallon (NV)


uploaded by Guest
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Comments (8)

2018-04-21 14:42:52 JASMAZ
How does the MHA pro maps compare to the coast to coast ones?
2018-04-22 03:40:19 Jaymen (Guest)
MHAPro maps is only the current states, but be wary of this one. I don't think this one is official as it isn't on his website yet ( Any news for MHAPro map mods will be on this website.
2018-04-24 09:56:10 Peter (Guest)
This map is a fake. Don't download
2018-04-28 04:25:48 AshK1
If you have the new Beta 1.31.xx it may not work?
2018-05-06 00:01:12 TheGamer_500
You need 1.31 Beta and New Mexico DLC. Please make this map compatible with C2C (Coast 2 Coast) map.
2018-05-08 06:03:00 zuputo (Guest)
Scheiß Hurensohn scheiß Fake mod MHAPro 1.29 Fake Arschloch
2018-06-13 19:05:23 Allen (Guest)
I use the pay version of his map for both ATS and ETS2. Great maps that dont crash all the time like ProMods do. Only drawback is no new territory but you do get stability in return!
2018-07-25 09:07:27 matt (Guest)
fix a new maps for ats for new up date

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