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uploaded 2019-12-02 13:29:44, by mods82


Almost 100% rebuilds the standard map, adds new areas(roads, cities,towns), companies, roads, etc.
You will find many new places and cities across the US States, new roads, companies in new places, etc.

Must have all DLC extensions
Special transport routes DLC:
1. Airport Phoenix to the mine the coastline of Sierra Vista
2. Kingman Plaster and sons at Flagstaff Plaster and sons
3. Oakland Harbor to Huron Bushnell farm
4. Fresno (Bitumen) to Bakersfield (Crops)
5. Eureka (HMS) to Redding (BITUMEN)
6. San Rafael (of Darcell of Esau) to Eureka (Darcell of Esau)
7. Yuma (valbert) Tucson (Gypsum and sons)

- updated for version 1.36.x and adapted to the new DLC UTAH

New at 1.36.x
1. Redding (California) - new part of road 299
2. New intersections and connections around Redding (California)
3. New signs around Redding (California) on highways 5 and 299
4. Redding-new junction 44 and 299 with Eureka
5. Redding (California) - Plasterer & Sons
6. New roads in part of Placerville (CA)
7. New DHL company in MOD MHAPro
8. Placerville, California-DHL
9. New road in Placerville (CA), connected by road from Oakdale to Rancho Cordova (CA)
10. Las Vegas (Nevada) - DHL
11. New road to DHL + connecting to highway 215
12. Fixed some issues on the map
13. Klamath fall (Oregon) - new connection through the city in the southern part of the city — new roads inside the city
14. new Albany (Oregon) - dg_wd_saw — McDonalds WHS
15. New company on the map MOD-McDonald's warehouse (whs)
16. New company on the map MOD-marina_wat (Marina)
17. new small town Pacific city (OR) - ed_mkt company-bit_rd_svc company-sh_shp_plnt company — marina_wat company
18. Skip all the way 101 again after DLC Wash.
19. New look again Astoria (OR) after DLC Wash.
20. city of Astoria (Oregon) - lowes_whs company
21. new small town Shanico (Oregon) - lowes_mkt company-dg_wd_saw1 company — bn_farm company
22. rebuild in 1.36 — fixed some movers — fixed modified models — fixed some bugs — rebuilt in version 1.36
23. with a view of Flagstaff (Arizona) - a new look at the roads — a new road in the city — a new dealership
24. new look Santa Cruz (California) — new crosses — new road looks — new dealership — new connections
25. Management has fixed all hms_con_svc companies after 1.36 changes in this company
26. with ARTESIA view (new Mexico) - fixed some little things in town — fixed movers in town — Expressway 285 — full road with 82 view — new company dg_wd_hrv
27. city of Alamogordo (new Mexico) - new company pnp_wd_pln
28. fixed some minor bugs on mhapro map
29. city of Sacramento (California) - new dealership 29. new small town Moro (Oregon) - bn_farm company-gm_food_pln company
30. fixed terrain materials / documents
31. fixed start loading pictures in the game
32. fixed all warnings
33. fixed all model errors in the MOD map
34. city of Salem (Oregon) - company avs_met_scr
35. new small town Crescent (Oregon) - DHL — new roads
36. new dual connection from Kayenta (AZ) to DLC UTAH
37. New little village Mexican Hat (Utah) - cm_min_qry company
38. new company sun_farm on the map MOD
39. new small town Delta (Utah) - bn_farm company-d_con_hom company — sun_farm company
40. a new connection from the direction of Ely (NV) to the DLC UTAH
41. the town of Ely (NV) — company gas_gst
42. Completed connection near Las Vegas (Nevada)
43. Completed connection to DLC UTAH near page (Arizona).
44. overlooking parts of southern Utah
45. check in the company — wal_whs (SCS changed the location for Parking trailers) — wal_food_whs — sg_whs — bit_rd_grg
46. the city of Nasel (WA) — company tect company of Mapro service company dg_wd_saw1 company dg_wd_hrv
47. New WA 401 road from Astoria (Oregon) to Olympia (Washington)
48. exit to Olympia (Washington)
49. exit 101 from Astoria (Oregon) to Aberdeen (Washington)
50. Aberdeen (WA) - city view-ConCargo - wal_food_mkt-McDonalds
51. New village of Kalaloch (Washington) - target_mkt
52. new small forks village (Washington) - MOSS service company-car_service company-cm_min_qry company-cm_min_plnt company
53. New village Potlatch (Washington) - marina_wat company
54. exit North 101 road
55. with views of the city of Port Angeles — new Parking spaces and other little things-opened up several new roads for traffic
56. small town Fleece (Washington) — the company car_small company sc_frm
57. Yakima (Washington) - sc_frm replaced

Heavy Alex


MHAPRO FOR ATS 1.36.x, 1 photoMHAPRO FOR ATS 1.36.x, 2 photoMHAPRO FOR ATS 1.36.x, 3 photoMHAPRO FOR ATS 1.36.x, 4 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (8)

2019-12-02 17:58:41 tantalus
I guess this is not C2C compatible? if so, no thanks.
2019-12-03 00:02:13 Trelane
In my experience not compatible with any other map mods like C2C, CD, US expansion and so on.
2019-12-03 03:00:58 Fluff 'N Pups Trucking Co. (Guest)
First time I've ever tried it, and it seems nice, but I see there is a piece of I-80 missing between Well, NV and the western border of Utah.
2019-12-03 16:45:57 Free or not to free is the question.. (Guest)
The guy who makes and sells this is a dick. Good to see it on here.:)
2019-12-03 17:51:58 POTATO (Guest)
It's the free version and shitty, don't waste your data downloading this or you will regret.
2019-12-07 13:33:46 SlavikSD
2019-12-27 15:43:15 ratr0 (Guest)
the donation for the full version is a whole five bucks, the added areas look better and more detailed than the scs base map areas. C2C is cool but it doesn't look nearly as nice as this mod.
2020-04-06 22:58:50 Timothy (Guest)
do not download this map its form a scammer have fun if it put malware or any virus on your computer

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