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Mountain Roads Part 2(1.28)

Rating: 4/5, based on 23 votes
uploaded 2017-09-28 11:18:10, by bugg3rnuts

Mountain Roads Part 2(1.28) by Bugg3rnuts.

I figured the game needed a few more hills, so I made this map.

- 6 new towns
- Many freight depots
- Lots of hills!

This is NOT a standalone map. You don't need a new profile to use it.
Disabling the map at any time should not cause problems.

The new roads can be found up north between Hornbrook and Jackpot.

Mountain Roads Part 1 is included in this map, so if you are using it, disable it.


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uploaded by bugg3rnuts
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Comments (8)

2017-09-28 22:32:12 hromerito
Gracias por COMPARTIR👍👍 Saludos cordiales🖐🖐
2017-09-30 12:19:14 JASMAZ
2017-09-30 19:31:36 Bonnett.Inc (Guest)
JASMAZ, , I have seen a ton of negative comments from you posted here. This has to be one of the best add on maps out there for hills and new area. I would really like to hear why its pointless ? With the h shifter and high horse power engines it is a lot of fun to drive.
2017-10-09 02:49:20 T-Roy (Guest)
TRUE JASMAZ, this shit is POINTLESS!! because i have a Peterbilt 389 with 800+ HP and it can't even go over some of the hills, like the dirt roads because the tires are slipping even with Differential lock on and pulling loads of 70,000+lb of cargo and a 6X4 chassis. Even on asphalt Going over certain hills with 800+ HP, the truck would just stop and can't move no mater wat i try it will not move. i have to literally Find another route or turn back. Sometimes i can't even turn back, so answer my Question Bonnett.Inc (Guest), Wats the Point of this mod DumbAss Mod??
2017-10-15 18:37:52 shlomo (Guest)
Great job! I tried with a long trolley dlc // Not suitable for long or wide runners. Paul Treyler is not recommended. !! Suitable only for a really small cart and a 6 + 2 chassis truck .
2017-10-30 20:50:24 EducatedPanda
Jasmaz always find something to bitch about.
2019-06-02 04:52:39 david jones (Guest)
talk shit
2019-06-03 21:31:47 Help me please (Guest)
What version do i need because it won't work for me????

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