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latest Version 1.9 · The Godfather's ATS Ai Traffic Pack 1 · ATS 1.49.x 1 week ago
The Godfather's ATS Ai Traffic Pack 1

* The Godfather's ATS Ai Traffic Pack 1 brings to u the 1st edition of a great mod that spawns into the ai traffic at random 600 skins of Real Company's
& Real Brands & Much more from the USA , Australia & Around the world and a high in detail and built to run smooth with little to no lag spikes.

v1.3 Update 
This update brings a change to the way the skins are formatted to fix the lag issues with the pack also is updated to work with 1.47 of ATS plus adds 100
brand new skins for the 53ft SCS Flat Bed Trailers and rises the size of the pack from 200 up to 300 the 100 skins that are been built are old skins we have used 
in the past on our packs but have been rebuilt for the flat bed trailers..

v1.4 Update
This Update Adds 200 Skins to the pack of more Real Brands & Real Company's with 50 Skins for the 53ft SCS Trailers & 150 Skins for the 53ft Flat Bed Trailers to bring the pack to a even 250 skins for 
the 53ft SCS Trailers & 250 Skins for the 53ft Flat Bed Trailers..

v1.5 Update
This Update Adds 100 Chip Van Skins to the pack with Real Company's & Real Brands this is the 1st time Chip Vans have been added into one of our Ai Tarffic Pack's since we had the Chip Vans Pack on its own
back over 1 year ago also in this update is 100 Brand new 53ft SCS Trailer Skins with Real Company's & Real Brands so in total the pack has 200 brand new skins to grow the pack to 700 skins..

 v1.6 Update (July 2023)
This Update Brings a whole new Vehicle to the Ai Traffic pack with 30 Isuzu Reefer Small Truck Skins and also adds 120 new 53ft SCS Trailer Skins of Real Companys & Real Brands of Oklahoma State witch this State 
is the 1st August 2023 DLC For ATS so it gives u the most Real when going into the new state add on this brings the pack to a grand total of 850 skins that spawn at random and also the pack has been updated to 1.48x of ATS..

v1.7 Update (August 28th 2023)
This Update Removes the 30 Isuzu Reefer Small Trucks Skins out of the pack And also shrinks the pack down to 600 skins in total witch now be the full Limit for this Pack 
also this update fixes bugs and the pack now has 500 skins for the 53ft SCS Trailers & 100 skins for the Chip Van Trailers..

v1.8 Update (October 13th 2023)
This is no Friday 13th Joke this is a Update to the Ai Traffic Pack to bring it up to date on the latest edition of 1.48x of ATS..

v1.9 Update (November 24th 2023)
This Update is for the new 1.49 update of ATS plus bug fixes and mod cover change to The Godfather's Mods Company New Logo.

* All Skins are Owned by The Godfather's Mods Company and if used when your Livestreaming with it please do give Credit to Australia Worldwide Gaming's You Tube channel witch is
The Godfather's You Tube channel witch does gameplay for ATS with new Livery's of Trucks & Trailers all the time..

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