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latest Version v21.37 · ATS 1.40.x 23 hours ago
Changelog v21.37:
Fixed the bug in the vanilla game where F22 jet fighters don't have a big enough sound range. [ATS edition]
Implemented realistic sounds for the F22 jet fighters with amazing sound range, replacing the default F22 jet sounds.
The sound is mixed so it sounds accurate at each angle - a true 3D sound! [ATS edition]
Implemented subtle sounds of flags in the wind.
Added wind turbine sounds for more wind turbine variants.
Optimizations for sound files without quality loss.
Changelog v21.36
Added airship / blimp sounds. [ATS edition]
Modified the default lift axle sound to use custom sound volume attenuation curves.
Custom sound volume attenuation curves adjusted for air brake sounds.
Optimizations for files without quality loss.
Changelog v21.35
Added general sounds for ocean waves.
Changelog v21.34
Implemented radial engine biplane sounds for all biplanes, replacing the default biplane sounds.
The sound is mixed so it sounds accurate at each angle - a true 3D sound! [ATS edition]
Changelog v21.33
Replaced the default short Boeing engine sound loop (which doesn't follow the plane) for takeoffs and landings with general airport runway ambience.
This sound is softer and has a higher distance range so it's audible within the airport area and won't feel unrealistic when a plane isn't present.

Extended range and added extra layer for the sound of Boeing 737 taxiing.
3D positioned default lift axle sound to be closer to the axle (correct me if it should be closer to the engine).
Removed 1 air brake sound variant.
Reduced some sound file sizes without quality loss.
Reduced cooldown for air brake sounds.


Changelog v21.32

Subtle variations implemented for the default light switch sound.
Slight reduction in volume for PrePass transponder sounds for weigh stations.
Reduced file size without quality loss.
Changelog v21.31:
Get ready for plane spotting! Realistic distant and closeup sounds have been added to the flyby animation of the Boeing 737.
It will also sound different if it flies directly above you and will sound a tiny bit louder at night due to the effects of refraction.

Reduced helicopter sound file size without quality loss.

For modders: reefer.soundref file is now deleted.
reefer_up.soundref and reefer_down.soundref will be used instead for the respective trailer brace sound event (applies to reefer trailer sounds).
Changelog v21.30:
Reduced sound volume of helicopters, after finding out most fly way too low in the game and would be too frequently annoying at its previous sound volume.
Changelog v21.29 :
Slightly improved sound quality of air brake sounds.
Updated play probabilities for each air brake sound.
Eliminated some caveats such as the need to restart the game for reefer trailer sounds (experimental feature for modders).
Changelog v21.28
Added sound bank for reefer trailers for modders to use (experimental feature).
Changelog v21.27
Slight improvement in playback quality for thunder sounds.
Raised volume for thunder sounds slightly.
display_name included in manifest file (relevant to users not using Steam Workshop only).


Changelog v21.26
Updated exterior rain sounds.
Removed old sound bank so the mod is now compatible with Zeemod's interior noise sound mod.

Changelog v21.25
1 new wiper stick sound added to array.

Changelog v21.24
Cricket ambience added for nighttime sound for warehouse prefab. [ATS edition]

Changelog v21.23
Air brake sounds now have dependencies on the current air pressure.
Example: long use of the service brake will trigger a different set of sounds than short taps of the service brake.

Slightly reduced cooldown of air brake sounds.

Changelog v21.22
Cricket ambience added for nighttime sound for wood house construction prefab. [ATS edition]
Note: Some crickets may go silent if they detect your presence!

Changelog v21.21
Finetuned default blinker stick sounds.
Improved rain shower audio, courtesy of Kass.

New minimum requirement: Sound Fixes Pack should have higher priority over rain sound mods unless the rain sound mod is ensured to be compatible. 
Added possibility of dry wiper screech or squeak sound when you use the windshield wipers on a dry windshield (for default wiper sounds).
This will work at the start of your game session before it rains. It will reset to the normal wiper sound when the windshield gets wet.

Fixed issue where wiper stick sound volume wasn’t adjustable by the interior sounds slider.
Reduced volume of rain sounds for more balance with other sounds.

Redone wiper sounds.

Finetuned wiper sounds.
Changes v21.16
Added wet tire sound effect based on rain intensity for default AI traffic car sounds.
Changes v21.15
Added variable exterior rain sound based on rain intensity.
Changes v21.14
Added nighttime crickets to print factory soundscape. [ATS edition]
Changes v21.13
Increased volume for print factory soundscape so it's perceptible. [ATS edition] 
Changelog v21.14
Added nighttime crickets to print factory soundscape.
Changelog v21.13
Increased volume for print factory soundscape so it's perceptible. 
Сhanges 21.12
Compatibility updates for last version 1.40.x
Adaptation to game version 1.40


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