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Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods » Trailers
Uploaded by:  uploaded by xtrucker36
Date:  2019-08-31 14:52:22
Downloads:  891 downloads
Size:  File Size: 46.9 MB
Comments:  15 comments
Rating:   Rating:
1/5, 1 vote

-many combination 
-dx11 1.35

Credits: Ksw xtrucker36



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uploaded by xtrucker36
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Comments (14)

2019-08-31 15:46:27 jack (Guest)
bro make mod for australian tipper and tankers please....
2019-08-31 22:03:03 Charliehorse2323
dude go fuck yourself this ia paid mod besides its broken as fuck and loads arnt showing up
2019-08-31 22:10:29 Curt
Charlie, clearly it wasn't working to begin with, most likely he just uploaded the mod,
2019-09-01 02:30:32 xtrucker36 is a sucker (Guest)
xtrucker36 is a COCKSUCKER, this is not the 1.35 working mod its the old mod NOT UPDATED, the file structure is all wrong anyway for trailer owned, must of been done by a brain dead idiot,
2019-09-01 11:08:41 Xtrucker36 (Guest)
İt works on 1.35 dx11 correctly...
2019-09-04 21:55:36 Xtrucker36 for king ding-a-ling (Guest)
Xtrucker36, you have no fucking idea what your talking about, these ARE NOT UPDATED as the def files have the older trailer owned files, and are NOT correct for 1.35, but anyway your the king of mod flogging and uploading mods for the wrong game format, because you just a scumbag
2019-09-06 00:11:46 ABJ (Guest)
Another Fucked Mod, SCS trailers loose their loads because the file structure of this mod is incorrect, and interferes with the scs trailers, why the fuck to cockheads sell these mods when they can't even do the files structure correctly, Xtrucker36 you clearly have no understanding of file structures or you would not make such stupid comments about what game version this belongs to, but either-way its still incorrect for a trailer owned mod
2019-09-13 13:09:29 neededlotus5 (Guest)
i pulled 3 of these in tandem hauling goats and never had a problem
2019-09-21 20:45:20 tantalus
Mod doesnt work, no cargos are showed. Its not actually updated, at all. DONT DOWNLOAD.
2019-09-21 20:46:52 tantalus
ABJ, the majority of kids that show on these webpages have no clue about modding, how mod works, when a mod is broken, and many many things. They always say "its a good mod" "great job" and stupidities like that without even actually knowing if the mod actually works. Or if the mod causes many problems.
2019-09-22 11:57:15 spin (Guest)
Jesus theres some angry cunts that frequent the comments sections. Its a stolen or leaked mod or its broken or dated. Who gives a fuck ? Get over yourselves , go and have a wank for fuck sake you cranky fucks
2019-09-22 14:40:20 MARKO (Guest)
gotta agree spin, its just a fucking game.
2019-09-22 19:46:48 Spider X (Guest)
I totally agree spin . If the sim makes you that angry you need to calm the fuck down. Oh , and i wank non stop ,maybe thats why iam happy ?
2019-09-23 13:42:54 spin (Guest)
Lol Spider X :D

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