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Freightline Cascadia 2018 v4.4 - ATS 1.30

Rating: 4/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2018-03-29 11:10:35, by mods82


Version adapted for ATS v1.30
Including trucks for quick jobs
Acquire at Volvo Dealers
San Francisco - CA
Las Vegas - NV
Tucson - AZ
Farmington - NM

Felipe Conbar, Frank Brasil, Lincoln by Viciados


Freightline Cascadia 2018 v4.4 - ATS 1.30, 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (12)

2018-03-29 19:46:43 JoeSmoteGaming
HD Video 1080p + Realistic Graphics
2018-03-29 20:15:07 ATS Trucker (Guest)
@JoeSmote, your Link don't Work Dude!
2018-03-29 20:19:28 ATS Trucker (Guest)
Well so far the Truck does work! No errors yet, But for me a lot of extra parts are NOT showing up/don't work I guess it could be a Mod conflict, Any one else having this issue?
2018-03-29 21:58:36 TraxLord94
HD Video Link:
2018-03-29 23:39:50 Guest33 (Guest)
Link worked for me @JoeSmote
2018-03-30 07:18:51 R & T Trucking (Guest)
It works now at least, But still has a Couple of issues (No Errors in the Log!) plenty of company skins!!!
2018-04-05 18:37:25 Anonymous (Guest)
Stolen by mods82
2018-04-05 19:12:25 mods82
@Anonymous Cruise There is nothing else to do? You're a thief. cruise aka fly5656 aka Rain
2018-04-21 14:15:18 JASMAZ
MODS82 you did steal this mod so don't lie.
2018-05-02 17:34:48 Jaguarz (Guest)
Just man up and admit that you stole the mod.. If your going upload someone's mod at least get permission first to upload and give them credit..
2018-05-03 06:04:39 Meandthreeotherguys (Guest)
You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel................
2019-05-14 04:18:47 ali (Guest)

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