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2 years ago
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latest Version v2.0.4 · ATS 1.43.x 4 months ago
Changelog v2.0.4
- Support for X-mas 2021 rewards
- Fixed missing/moved texture on duck dashboard accessory
- Added secondary windshield mounted GPS option
- 1.43 cabin reverb effects support
- Christmas Grand Giving (2019) metallic paintjob reward support
Changes v2.0.3
- New visible transmission model (RT-910)
- Tweaked wetkit model to fit new transmission; improved shadowcaster as well
- Headache rack models are now secured with u-bolts
- Interior indicator lights are now much more vivid (overdriving using both texture and vertex colour)
- Material tweaks to GPS accessory
- Added a few missing transmission+final drive combinations
- Reworked aluminum diamondplate texture/material
- Reworked dual headlight model
- Added Merritt in-frame battery box
- Lowered full/half fenders 2" for better clearance of trailers
- Raised Varashield to allow use of all clearance lights
- Added Varashield for sleeper cab
-- Note: Varashield model is still WIP; servo and hinges still need to be completed
- Added 'Smarty's Custom Rigs' mudflap options
- Rebalanced mudflap prices and unlock levels to differentiate between basic and chrome hangers
- Improved shadowcasters for chassis and bogey models (axles, fifth wheels, and drivelines now cast shadows)
- Reworked/added UI icons for remaining accessories
- Added some new/missing steam inventory content support
- Added exhaust sound event to Cummins small cam sound, with spatial offset
- Added hood mirrors
- Added remote sound event for full Convoys support
Changelog v2.0.2
- Added chrome fuel tank option
- Added shadow caster to mirrors
- Added vertical bar grill options
- Added severe service bumper
- Added majority of accessory UI icons
- Accessory UI icons now use premultiplied alpha (no more white halos!)
- Tweaked amber and smoke bug deflector tints
- Added Magnum moose bumper
- Stop/tail/turn lights are now attached by brackets instead of levitation!
Changelog v2.0.1
- Fixed beacons having old lighting configuration
- Fixed foglights
- Tweaked lightmasks
- Updated support for Steam Inventory Content
Changelog v2.0
-reworked exterior model with improved dimensions, proportions, and detail
-accessories now use standard SCS types where possible, and have largely been reworked
-SCS standard materials are used where possible to keep consistent appearance with base game vehicles
-(partially) reworked interior with second colour option
-several new accessories
-a sleeper option
-yes, a sleeper option
- sleeper

For best results with 2.0, you should sell all of your old (v1.x) Scot trucks. I've made a fair effort to make the mod remain 'stable' through the upgrade process, but you will generally end up with a lot of missing accessory errors in the game log (harmless, but annoying all the same).



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Latest Version v2.0.4
Game ATS
Category Trucks
Game Version 1.43.x
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Tess (Guest)
7 months ago

Not properly updated, secondly this thing barely has enough power to drive itself let alone pull something else. I guess some old boomers will like driving this thing...

LOL (Guest)
7 months ago

@Tess U IDIOT WORK FOR 20K people because they using original u need to stop play on CRACKED u dumb idiot ask mom and dad and buy original from steam or other site then will work IDIOT

George (Guest)
7 months ago

Tess, you are an idiot. This mod is flawless. Go to the official forums and the source of the mod --> This is not a mod someone without modding knowledge did, petty the opposite. Ive been using it since forever, and its a great mod. You dont like it? that has nothing to do with anything. Its an old truck mod, its completely normal it doesnt have the same pull as other trucks, moron. You would need to use it on regular cargoes, thats all. And yes, this truck is amazing to drive. As i said, if you dont like it, dont use it but you will be missing a great mod.

???????????? (Guest)
7 months ago

@Tess Boomer is your mom, dad,sister, brother not me, you know what is best part for u all haters i know what i will do i will invest in good developer already i know 5 people and make web site so this guys will get support and u will cry because steam will fall into water all will visit that site hahaahahah i will make u steam boys small remember my words son

Tess (Guest)
7 months ago

@????????????? go get your pills Boomer

????????????? (Guest)
7 months ago

Not properly Updated ????????????? I using latest 1.42 with all possible dlc i buy all and i drive this logs delivery everything works like charm classic truck from 87 and 85s and u came here say don t work ? i get it u hate all them bcs uare Jon Ruda slave trash but dont flame and say not work if work, your parrents job probably are wasted to try put u on right way

BoringMan (Guest)
1 year ago

This is most boring truck in the universe! Even my girlfriend can drive this. Looks like Lego model please add Lego man to cabin to drive this Truck back to Legoland. Goodbye truck.

George (Guest)
7 months ago

BoringMan, another idiot who is clueless about everything. Not even worthy to answer you lol. Why are you even playing this game, at all? escapes me...

Lamedude (Guest)
1 year ago

I actually fully agree with you on this BoringMan , and ive watched paint dry and leaves grow . :)

JK (Guest)
1 year ago

It has been updated for ATS 1.40! The 2.0 version is working perfectly and has a nice engine sound.

1 year ago

4k Video Review

JK (Guest)
1 year ago

Very nice mod but has no engine sound. So I think it's better to use sound fix, too.

JK (Guest)
1 year ago

The quality of this mod is very good and works on ATS 1.39 with no problem.

pepeloko (Guest)
2 years ago

No funcionan las ventanas y los sonidos del camion son de la base del juego, necesita una actualizacion

2 years ago

Yanred Lover lol, poor quality?? this is one of the best trucks out there. It is a simple truck, like the real counterpart, thats why it looks "simple" and with poor quality but it isnt. The feeling it has at least in 1.36 was amazing, i dunno how it will be on the new crappy 1.37 version of the game, but i hope it is like the previous version.

George (Guest)
7 months ago

@ADGJL HAHAHAHAHA. Nice one mate. Because i hope thats a joke, right?

Yanred Lover (Guest)
2 years ago

This truck needs a lot Reworked and options, interior have poor quality!

George (Guest)
2 years ago

Bunch of errors for not properly updated to 1.37 and no window animations, better wait for the 2.0 version.


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