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Krone Big-L500 Pro Mower

Rating: 4/5, based on 41 votes
uploaded 2017-05-24 18:27:05, by winston9587

This is the Krone Big L500 Pro Mower.

LS13: edited by usxi7sd, LS15: Jaison Edited byCarolinaBoy,convertedtoFS17 by Winston9587


Krone Big-L500 Pro Mower, 1 photo

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (16)

2017-05-24 18:35:23 dmac4w (Guest)
outstanding!!!...thank you!!
2017-05-24 19:07:32 iceman (Guest)
thank you winston for this mod
2017-05-24 20:58:13 Eagle355th
Thank You Winston9587
2017-05-24 21:09:35 Eagle355th
Thank You CarolinaBoy
2017-05-24 21:12:47 Farmer Giles (Guest)
Have been waiting and hoping someone would do a conversion on this beauty. Thankyou Carolina Boy and Winston9587.
2017-05-24 23:06:58 joebear128 (Guest)
nice mod winston9587 love your new and old mods can u mabey make a boat and a boat trailer or up lode one from fs15 to 17
2017-05-25 10:54:58 JASMAZ
what is the capacity of the tray?
2017-05-25 11:16:35 Farmer Giles (Guest)
@Jasmaz Capacity is 80,000. You can edit it yourself easily enough. Just for the hell of it, I changed the capacity to 250,000....with umm.....interesting graphical results.
2017-05-25 13:00:16 Major (Guest)
Unrealer Mod!!!!
2017-05-25 14:46:35 @major (Guest)
This mod has been around since FS13, Who cares about your views, its a game, get over it,
2017-05-25 21:53:30 Eagle355th
Wow! 250,000 liters LOL Way to go!
2017-05-26 02:03:27 jdrtx (Guest)
Thankyou Carolina Boy and Winston9587
2017-05-27 14:14:21 leet (Guest)
2017-05-29 20:54:10 Eric Murray (Guest)
Hey, this is the best mod I have found for mowing. It is very efficient and fast. It cuts at 24 miles per hour. It is very good for mowing around the fields where it is not crop grass nor part of the field. thanks for this solid mod. It does not glitch or anything and I had no problems downloading it.
2017-06-15 18:30:00 criss20ster
Could you fix it reverse ?
2017-09-25 15:02:12 Garfield (Guest)
Doesn't mow grass at all on the Nagce valley map fs17 :'(

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