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Krone Ultima CF 155 XC v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 22 votes
uploaded 2017-06-14 17:50:28, by John Der33

Ultima® is the world’s first baler wrapper that continues collecting crop while the finished bale is being net wrapped and transferred to the film wrapper. This non-stop operation is attributed the unique pre-compression chamber technology. On the wrapper, the net-wrapped bales are film wrapped and unloaded on the move. Ultima® puts out up to 50 % more bales per hour than established round baler wrappers. The semi-variable bale chamber produces 1.25 m -1.50 m (4'1"- 4'11") diameter bales.

To be able to have all features supportet by this mod you will need the ManualAttaching script by Wopster. This script allows to de-/attach for example the hydraulic hoses and blocks some functions if the Ultima is not completely attached.

Price: 145000 €
Max. working speed: 20 kph
Required power: 125 hp
Bale diameter: 1,30m, 1,40m and 1,50m
Maintenance: 250 € / day

bm-modding, fendt2000, Wopster, Xentro


Krone Ultima CF 155 XC v 1.0, 1 photoKrone Ultima CF 155 XC v 1.0, 2 photoKrone Ultima CF 155 XC v 1.0, 3 photoKrone Ultima CF 155 XC v 1.0, 4 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (18)

2017-06-14 22:34:14 jajo (Guest)
dp not download this its corrupted file
2017-06-15 09:52:22 Ben (Guest)
it isnt corrupted, its to stop you trying to edit it.
2017-06-16 10:05:04 Dodge74 (Guest)
moin moin. die presse ist wirklich schön geworden...respekt. aber dennoch sollte sie schon funktionieren, wenn man neue sachen verbaut. um alle funktionen haben zu können braucht man nicht nur das script zum manuellen anhängen, sondern auch die schlepper die diese anschlüsse verbaut haben. ohne das geht trotzdem nur die hälfte....leider. auch wenn man einen solchen passenden schlepper hat...selbst dann gehen einige sachen nicht: die presse wickelt immer folie, egal ob an oder aus eingestellt ist. die doppelablage geht leider auch nicht. vielleicht könnte da mal jemand nachsehen woran es liegt. trotzdem ein sehr schöner mod...und danke dafür. Lg. Dodge74
2017-06-16 22:10:00 Frka85 (Guest)
Doesnt support Course play to bad... :( Fix it please.
2017-06-17 02:24:42 beejaynz
At long last we get this, have been asking for it since fs17 came out, works just great, Thankyou sooooo much BMM!
2017-06-19 22:24:51 Is it bird, U.F.O. or what? (Guest)
There is one strange object that flies side by baling machine...
2017-06-20 19:51:53 Denis (Guest)
Frka85, этот мод не поддерживает курсплей и не будет поддерживать. Потому что надо прописывать скрипты этого мода в сам курсплей авторами мода курсплей!
2017-06-23 22:54:50 jed
Probably one of the best fs17 mods, thanks !
2017-06-24 12:54:09 Ztantoz
It dosent wrap the bales at all, i have tryed all sizes and everything...even with wrap bales set to on it´s not wrap them
2017-06-28 04:41:14 Cotton BALES??? (Guest)
2017-06-28 14:36:12 I WANT COTTON! (Guest)
WOW! Why isn't this mod working? IT's not making COTTON bales for me? I WANT COTTON BALES, FIX IT!
2017-06-28 20:26:42 winston9587
the baler in carolinaboy's vid is my edit of the baler i added the cotton bales to it. it will be released with version 2 of big tony's map along with the cotton harvester my conversion as well as the new baler from the contest also with cotton bales.
2017-08-04 12:40:59 Farmers (Guest)
Why this mod doesnt show up in the game???
2017-08-11 04:01:11 EducatedPanda
Why is it not showing the wrapping?
2017-10-09 03:07:10 jgerthe
mod conflict when trying to open a saved game. no other mods installed. Didnt show up as missing mod when starting saved game. Good mod except this issue.
2017-12-17 14:23:44 Voltz (Guest)
Error: Running LUA method 'loadSharedI3DFileFinished'. pdlc/FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC/specializations/Ultima.lua:1624: attempt to index field 'balerCurrentBale' (a nil value)
2018-01-25 19:12:24 hugersza (Guest)
Can I set the wrapper faster?
2020-04-09 12:24:02 RaFael (Guest)
Estou com problemas no mod,baixei o.mod tudo certinho tals mais chega na hora de comprar ele na loja só fica carregando e com a mensagem dizendo:A SUA SELEÇÃO ESTÁ SENDO ADQUIRIDA....Alguém aí pra ajudar...

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