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Canadian Ultimate 6.1

Rating: 4/5, based on 22 votes
uploaded 2017-06-25 16:34:31, by renebqc

Canadian Ultimate 6.1

Thank you for reporting problems, washers will come in the next version.
fix: seasons mod issues and woodchips sign floating.

include: chopstraw and holmer pack 5 fruits.

started testing on the national 9 map, need a little time more  to complete.

thank you, have fun! 



Canadian Ultimate 6.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (46)

2017-06-25 19:19:11 regier1973
Hi I am having problem with map running real slow on everything. Trains ,vehicles all . I disable locoDrive and works great. This is on 6.0 and your new update 6.1 I just disable mod and everything works. Its like skips on screen real slow. But other than that great maps
2017-06-25 19:44:29 battlecommander (Guest)
awesome map, 90% of my mods work with it. i really enjoy the map, keep up the good work :)
2017-06-25 19:46:03 noris1225
nic ciekawego takie mapy mozna wydawac co dzien bez wiekszych zmianekniedlugo wyda 6.2-6.7 itd
2017-06-25 20:00:26 battlecommander (Guest)
hey regier1973, did you try lowering your settings on your video card
2017-06-25 23:23:01 ShagSpastic
I can confirm what regier1973 stated. LocoDrive causes a massive fps drop. I went from a solid 60 to 13 fps. I just disabled LocoDrive because It is not what I consider an "essential" mod. Other than that everything is awesome. I use 100+ mods and everything works perfectly. Great map Renebqc ! And thanks for the quick update to get "seasons" working.
2017-06-26 01:48:30 ShagSpastic
Remember what I said renebqc. Ignore the idiots.
2017-06-26 04:20:05 regier1973
Ill just do the same thing as ShagSpastic said and disable LocoDrive or I already have because when using coarseplay I don't want to deal with the trains and yes I love the train system having worked for BNSF for years. And yes Great map Renebqc Keep up the good work.
2017-06-26 07:32:30 stevo the farmer (Guest)
works for me only laggy wen u go into bush lol
2017-06-26 09:57:21 George (Guest)
I agree with them, this is a great map!! How do you disable Loco Drive?
2017-06-26 20:30:04 ShagSpastic
George, LocoDrive is just another mod that allows the trains to drive around themselves when you are not using them. I just deleted it out of my mods folder. If you have it installed and want to disable it without deleting it, you can uncheck it on the mods screen when you are starting a new game or loading a save game.
2017-06-26 21:29:22 George (Guest)
Thanks a lot!!
2017-06-27 01:38:07 LatroM (Guest)
Can't empty the digistate-tank on the silage making machine. No trigger point? I use the same equipment as i have used on all the other "Canadian" maps and it works fine there but not on this map. Love the maps btw
2017-06-27 17:59:28 Terry K. (Guest)
Can't seem to get any fuel out of the refinery. Seems like it lacks a trigger point.
2017-06-27 23:51:26 renebqc
the holmer included has the lettuce cutter not diplaying the right one but it will cut lettuce. I will look into the fuel problem. I'm just about done with the national 9 testing, tomorrow for shure. thank you all.
2017-06-30 01:37:03 thebig
manca il luppolo!!! (oats is not found)
2017-07-02 15:47:11 Terry K. (Guest)
@thebig: The silos on the farm is quite erratic, if you unload crops in the main silo, it often pops up in the second silo (where you put grass, silage etc.). So, if crops disappear when unloading into the main silo, you'll find it in the smaller silo...
2017-07-03 02:13:45 Stevieed (Guest)
Hey man, thanks for an amazing map, good work! One question do you unload the compost? All the mods have the conveyor belt for compost unloading, but your inbuilt machine doesn't. I can't get it to unload into any trailer.
2017-07-03 16:14:12 Matt (Guest)
This map is just awesome with everything to do there. Couple of side notes though: there is no loading point for Fuel in the refinery as already indicated by Terry K which makes the production of compost very expensive as it requires fuel to run (about 140k to fill to 50k liters). Second, the rails crossing roads could be more into the ground or have railroad crossing. I am not sure if it is due to the Better Ground Response mod I use but trailers tend to make big jumps when crossing rails. Finally, the stop signs appear to be indestructible and are hard to deal with when maneuvering a 3+ trailers road train (even in multi they seem to be solid unlike most maps). It would be helpful to move them further down the road.
2017-07-03 17:49:25 George (Guest)
I agree with the railway crossing issue. i can't unload the digesterate from the silage silo? The silo amounts not showing at the off loaded silo, but at the other one? Great map, thanks
2017-07-03 23:56:43 RA (Guest)
This is by far your best map, but you can not unload composter into anything also you can not unload compost from sugar beet machine
2017-07-04 00:31:38 Matt (Guest)
It looks like no trailer can actually accept compost. The trigger points are there but t is not detecting the trailer as useable for compost
2017-07-04 01:41:11 stevieed (Guest)
@matt, I have figured out the compost issue! You have to use one of the smaller trailers, I can't remember which one I've used (and I'm on mobile device now, sorry), but I think it's one of the c. 20k capacity trailers. They seem to work just fine for compost!
2017-07-06 16:03:02 Ankparp (Guest)
is there any guide or documentation about feature in this map?
2017-07-07 14:35:27 marcinn (Guest)
more fabric and fruit
2017-07-08 09:37:08 Ankparp (Guest)
Sorry kinda new to this map so im looking for any guide. How to get empty pallet? and what is beet pulp?
2017-07-08 17:36:33 lucky 444 (Guest)
Love your maps. But would like to see this map in all FLAT fields.....
2017-07-09 03:58:38 Ankparp (Guest)
Just figure pallet factory location near greenhouse. but still cant figure where to found pallet filling location. these place need a marker
2017-07-15 20:32:27 James (Guest)
I got a bug in menu it shows that i have 90k wheat. but for some reason the display not showing any number and i cant withdraw wheat from storage. Is there any way to refresh it? tried deposit wheat but those 90k seem to stuck there
2017-07-15 21:17:35 James (Guest)
after viewing save files found my wheat on "Storage_storage2" instead "Storage_storage1" looks like unload point that should get into fruit silo unloaded into forage silo.
2017-07-16 03:56:45 Fobok
Yeah, that silo issue really had me panicking for a bit today. Otherwise, I'm loving this map. Easy for my awful driving skills to navigate,, and so much content I've barely scratched the surface. I haven't even had a chance to look into the orchards or any of the other production facilities yet.
2017-07-16 17:56:56 James (Guest)
yea the bug itself not game breaking it just a matter of convenience and it not always happen . it was a great map love it.
2017-07-17 19:46:08 Jonny (Guest)
No diesel can be loaded in the refinery
2017-07-20 00:17:29 Vincent (Guest)
This Map file keeps crashing the game at loading to the map. Stevie Maps at better and its dont crash on me during loading
2017-07-21 04:40:42 Adam (Guest)
is this the final version or will there be more
2017-07-25 17:32:20 Evan (Guest)
Could anyone recommended me combine,seeder, and other mods to play in this map? i feel that standard vehicles is small
2017-07-30 09:37:06 James (Guest)
@Renebqc regarding empty digestate. I downloaded separate fermenter mod and able to empty digestate from that mod. Then i try to empty digestate from your fermenter the f1 menu able to show option "load digestate" but when i try to load it "R key" it store digestate instead loading from your fermenter. might be the trigger is inverted between store and load. Dunno if its helpful or not
2017-08-01 03:15:41 Alex (Guest)
Helicopters are annoying and unnecessary they slow down the game whenever they come into frame
2017-08-18 12:58:53 George (Guest)
Love this map!! I have a problem to load the manure and the milk at the soy milk factory? I tried several trailers, but no problem with the fig food. Please make the water storage bigger at the beetpulp machine? i also don't like the helicopters. thanks for your hard work and dedication!!
2017-08-23 11:29:05 Tommy (Guest)
On the soya factory several triggers don't work. On the refinery you can.t get any biodiesel, trigger is not working. the same on the composter. You can't get water out of the rivers. Very nice map, but there are some problems.
2017-08-23 22:07:33 Terry M (Guest)
Yes same problems can't bio fuel, needs to be fixed.
2017-09-02 16:39:05 George (Guest)
Sorry for asking, but any news on an update Renebqc? Any news of what will be changed? Looking forward to the new update!!!
2017-09-04 18:20:13 pamacs (Guest)
Miért nem működik a CanadianUlt6_ModLandNet-ben a gyümölcsös?
2017-09-17 15:08:21 Jumbo747 (Guest)
Hi Renebqc, Again, what a GREAT MAP, just discovered it after being a Canadian National Fanatic! ONE POINT Renebqc there is ONLY ONE COMPOST MAKER (on the Farm site), and I cannot produce ENOUGH COMPOST over a reasonable time period to supply ALL MY GARDENS and GREENHOUSES. Can you add more in the next version, or - Can you PLEASE provide a PLACEABLE COMPOST MACHINE Mod so your fans can stick in as many Compost Machines as they like, there is no shortage of Grass, so PLEASE CAN WE HAVE MORE COMPOST MACHINES. VERY WELL DONE Renebqc your a WINNER AGAIN, what a great map!!!!........ Thanks Mate,
2017-09-21 16:43:10 Jumbo747
Hi Renebqc, Sold pigs at Animal sale via my animal transporter then returned to my animal sale point at farm to load more pigs for sale and original message still shows and will not let me load up more pigs for sale. Had to sell them out of vehicle ie individually and lost 50% of price. Just notified for your future fixes, Ultimate is by best map you have done so far - well done Mate.
2017-09-28 04:24:49 renebqc
working on this one at the moment, thank you for reporting problems. It will take a few more days to complete.
2017-12-09 16:17:52 Андрей (Guest)
Карта отличная но есть проблема с поездом, пока не едешь FPS нормальный как только поехал падает до 14 FPS

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