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Canadian Ultimate 8

Rating: 4/5, based on 21 votes
uploaded 2017-11-09 17:54:01, by renebqc

Canadian Ultimate 8

changes: fabrick scripts mods reviewed, foliages corrected, grass the map and other small changes.
 testing and corrections done with the latest steam update, 

Thank you and have fun farming.

Season mods ready but not tested, it is too much for my first generation intel pc too handle.



Canadian Ultimate 8, 1 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (25)

2017-11-09 20:33:33 IHfarmer
beautiful map as always :)
2017-11-09 22:45:51 francesco (Guest)
tocca ricominciare tutto da capo ????
2017-11-10 01:12:11 battlecommander
most freaking awesome map ever, 95% of my mods i use works with it. going to be my favorite map to play, thanks for the hard work that you put into it cheers bro
2017-11-10 12:32:53 zolele (Guest)
i have a problem map is always just loading loading and loading why ?
2017-11-10 14:37:22 willmj3 (Guest)
You have a mod interfering
2017-11-10 23:39:44 cow meat .... sheep meat ....Great lie..How can I
2017-11-10 23:41:26 A HAWADI (Guest)
How can I make meat? cow meat ....sheep meat ...big lie ????? help me
2017-11-11 05:32:31 affordablejoe (Guest)
this is a nice map, but it will not work in multiplayer. maybe you can fix this problem.
2017-11-11 10:58:05 zolele (Guest)
willmj3 what i can do with that ?
2017-11-11 16:12:30 A HAWADI (Guest)
How can I make meat? cow meat ....sheep meat
2017-11-12 14:34:24 Nice Map! Adding Cotton to my copy, (Guest)
Nice Map!, But in my copy, will add Cotton. See this??? Finally someone has Cotton Modules in FS17!
2017-11-13 12:09:08 jgerthe
drop at butcher doesnt have a working unload dialog. Of the maps ive tried with butcher put in, pv3 is the only one that works without having to put in Kastor placeable n edit xml so its free. I put in the Kastor butcher placeable mod and it works. Kastor doesnt have the sheep meat. Seasons mod works good so far. im on day 3 with 9 days/season.
2017-11-15 02:02:05 Edward (Guest)
Was going to test FS17 Canadian Prairies V2.0, Nick the Hick's map tour shows it as FS17 V2.0 but found there is 1.0 & a 1.1 as previous FS15 or is 1.1 now FS17? I think I had 1.0 that I tested with seasons mod 1.2 not sure but the carrots etc said remove tops way too early in spring. I'd put quite a few hrs of gameplay in last night until I found this. Not too bothered though these are free! I did Canadian Ultimate v6 or 6.1 before and worked perfect. I don't think seasons mod was around then though. All the canadian mod maps versions are similar so it would be best just to have one name or version in roman numerals to STAND OUT as final or just different map... I scrapped that one and downloaded Canadian Ultimate 8.1 I have creator tools mod using seasons2 also: Used amazone condor drill for all additional fruit types planting strips across field 8 near Station/Store Vancouver. Remove tops came on in spring for lettuce, onions, and carrots. All additional crops grew until yellow and harvestable in winter with Large New Holland (standard game one) and draper header, they didn't wither., standard fruits did. Grain textures are good for all. Standard trees changed through winter correctly. Holmer v2 I downloaded with 4m head carrots/onions/lettuce worked (Modhoster v2.0) and filled with correct visuals etc. Textures for all crops were good. Conclusion = only Seasons mod 1.1 will probably work (complete testing takes a lot of time) as its only different weather effects. (less complex than 1.2) I prefer seasons mod2 ready maps so I am returning to other saved maps. I think the author is pushing himself too hard too quickly for seasons 1.2 mod or too much in one go in general, didn't get chopped straw on oats either, might not be ready. Hope I've helped someone. I haven't tested this enough for a full opinion, Canadian Prairies with all the production plants is really good, if you get seasons mod 1.2 and chopped straw in it that could be a top 10 map pretty quick. I think all your maps would work with seasons mod 1.1 only though. Haven't done enough wheat to see shopped straw or testing. mainly just the additional fruits with seasons 1.2
2017-11-18 18:39:10 renebqc
my pc broke the day after uploading this map, So I have nothing done since then. I started a standard size map, I will do my best to have it done next weekend, thank you.
2017-11-19 18:40:23 Catrine (Guest)
Sorry to hear about your computer. Nice that you started a new map. But is there any chance that you would like to repair the other maps? Giants update broke them. The gates is not working and I have a lot of problem whit the pallet conveyors. I guess it´s the giants update that are the problem.
2017-11-20 13:56:24 Roderic
Hello Rene, Will Canadian Ultimate support Sugar Cane? And please don't start a new map. go further with Ultimate.
2017-11-25 14:21:47 billyp (Guest)
As always your maps rock. Can you explain the Butcher area and how it works? Thanks and keep up the great work.
2017-12-05 12:41:50 Streiter (Guest)
Salut René, je n'arrive pas à remplir mes citernes dans les petits cours d'eau comme auparavant ? L'option remplir ne s'active qu'à côté des grandes cuves où c'est payant !! C'est normal ?
2017-12-06 02:52:28 BertMechman
Hi Rene, I would just like to say, I am a big fan of your maps! Keep up the good work. I did run into an issue with this map and Courseplay. Every time my trailer would go to dump using courseplay it would freeze the game. Tracked it down to an issue with the FabrikScript.lua. I updated to the latest version and all is well now.
2017-12-06 20:55:23 narimantas (Guest)
Where to sell products from '' cannery ''
2017-12-14 20:21:59 piotrbmw
hi Rene I realy like Yours map. but I have problem with sugar crane. I send You a private message. If can help us with sugar crane it will be great
2018-01-22 14:59:32 Smoky (Guest)
Hi Rene, Love the map but when i put corn silage in the bga silo en start compacting it the silage wil form a piramid shape! your not able to drive a tracktor over it.... :(
2018-01-23 04:26:08 renebqc
Thank you all for your support, but It might take a while before the next map, well at least until I get a pc that can get the job done. Someday there will be another map, so just be patient. Take care all.
2018-02-06 19:09:14 Bobo (Guest)
Where do you make pallets ???? Can make the woodchips and boards, but need the pallets.
2018-02-06 20:11:23 Flesh (Guest)
When i go to the place " buy pallets" nothing happens ??? I can`t buy ??? What to do ?

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