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Canadian Village Map

Rating: 3/5, based on 21 votes
uploaded 2018-02-10 19:56:06, by renebqc

Canadian Village Map

This map is build using FS17_starterMap from modland.

All manual gates and doors must be open ONFOOT.
Butcher requires special animal trailer to operate properly (included).
Map size:  2048 x 2048
Fruits added for mods: hops, carrot and onion to supply washers and brewery.
Many mods installed and empty spaces for your mods.

Special thanks to BoniRS for his kindness, this one's for you my friend.

Thank you all for you support. Have fun farming.



Canadian Village Map, 1 photoCanadian Village Map, 2 photo

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (14)

2018-02-10 20:09:43 battlecommander
@renebqc welcome back my friend, been waiting for your mod for awhile. i'm downloading it now, party on :)
2018-02-10 20:52:34 Luc (Guest)
Welcome back René !!!
2018-02-10 21:36:29 Gamejack (Guest)
Hello Rene, nice again what to see from you, but too bad the map has no sugar cane and in the harbor is no water. everything else. Thank you very much
2018-02-10 23:23:56 renebqc
I moved down the waterplane to make the last pda map. I forgot to replace it. I will wait to see if there is something else and upload another one. thank you.
2018-02-11 01:39:47 wheelchairman36
Good map but as usual the last nugget I can't get. It must be embedded in the blue silo near the pallet making plant because it isn't on top or anywhere around. I did come across one other one that was like in the side of a silo but was was able to retrieve it.
2018-02-11 03:04:05 renebqc
try the port at the end of the far side
2018-02-11 15:00:48 billyp (Guest)
Welcome back. I've enjoyed all of your hard work that you have put into all of your maps and am looking forward to playing this version. Thanks
2018-02-11 21:03:53 OldMan (Guest)
Hello Rene, Welcome back. where is the water ?? Pane too deep ??
2018-02-11 23:54:18 BoniRS
Hi Rene! Thank you for the map! As always, great work. As mentioned above, the water is missing. Also, as a brazilian, I really miss the sugar cane. I've been actually playing the Canadian Ultimate 8, huge great map with lots of possibilities! Thanks buddy!
2018-02-12 03:36:41 renebqc
A correction map has been uploaded...No need to start a new game.
2018-02-12 04:04:14 simon (Guest)
log full of errors
2018-02-12 04:55:27 renebqc
simon my log has no error. check your mod or try the map with no mods.
2018-02-12 08:59:06 simon (Guest)
yes no worries must be some of my mods sorry bout that still great map mate
2018-03-20 13:27:33 Toyman74 (Guest)
Greetings to Rene! Great map! I think you did a fine job. However, I take issue concerning being able to harvest carrots and onions on the map. I did a little research and figured out that in order to harvest carrots and onions, one must download the HOLMER TERRA DOS 4.40 CARROTS AND ONIONS (& ETC) mod. Rene, if you did not know about this, I'll let it slide. if you did, shame. Anyway, here is the link: It's 127 MB size file and in-game it's a bit expensive. I hope this helps some players out there. Again. great map.

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