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Clover Creek Map v 2.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 14 votes
uploaded 2017-10-22 01:59:08, by John Der33

Welcome to Clover Creek, where farm land is expensive and hard to come by.

Version 2
Added BGA.
Made seasons ready.
Made Harvestore silos function.

You will need to carefully plan to be successful.
This map has chopped straw installed and also has field missions on 6 fields to help you earn money.
It has all the default crops and animals installed.
Big thanks to CWJ for giving permission to release this amazing map.
Each farm has it own crop storage bins, you will need augers to fill the bins up. (They are included in the main zip archive.)
The bin with the unloading auger has the fill trigger on it, so fill up your silos there.
At the CPS you can buy seed, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, liquid manure, and solid manure.
You can also sell liquid and solid manure there.
The white lines on the PDA define the farm boundaries. (Helpful when you want to purchase the farm.)
We hope you enjoy this map.
The Steenkamp Modding team.
Please place the individual files in your mods folder and not the main download file.

Model: CWJ / Steenkamp ModdingTexture: CWJ / Steenkamp ModdingScript: CWJ / Steenkamp ModdingIdea / Concept: CWJ / Steenkamp ModdingTesting: CWJ/ Steenkamp ModdingOther: CWJ/ Steenkamp Modding

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2017-10-22 10:38:11 jed
I cannot find the cattle buy area, where is it ?
2017-10-24 19:39:54 me (Guest)
Why can't the amount go up when you add grains to the bins. It doesn't register on the amounts page. FIX THIS !!!!!!!
2017-10-30 21:57:32 Joe (Guest)
The Map is amazing but theirs a ton of issues! Most doors don't open, grain bins?, etc.
2017-11-10 02:35:26 Sam (Guest)
@joe you need animated door Mod for the door issue......
2017-12-21 21:10:25 Cereal (Guest)
Can you plz fix the money, everytime I load the game it gives me 5 million.
2017-12-21 21:11:29 Cereal (Guest)
I've tried myself but can't get it.
2018-07-23 23:38:41 Entitled Cunt (Guest)

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