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Rating: 3/5, based on 14 votes
uploaded 2018-08-25 13:30:11, by KST247

Here is my map that I've been working on for..... ever. It's completely error free with a ton of hidden features. Great for RP and testing out new mods. you must use my version of KST_LS17_BuildingMaterials for the materials like Sand, Dirt, Asphalt, and more.

Aside from third party people that created objects, I take full credit on the map.

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uploaded by KST247
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Comments (15)

2018-08-25 18:34:42 FarmersBoy
Great map.. but one slight problem... If anyone can help please? The Ferry that comes with the game is sunken / underwater at the dockside. If I buy another one, does anyone know how / where to get into the water without it too sinking? Cheers, everything else seem to work well! Thanks!
2018-08-25 22:20:55 Watch out for errors (Guest)
This map had over 45 error's on that last version. Dought they all got fixed.
2018-08-26 00:30:21 jetjrmars
i fuck around and download this, and get Hacked... i dont trust site nor my PC.... Hands Down....
2018-08-26 09:17:15 jetjrmars
this map is for the trump lover.... so going to paint that one wall so far...
2018-08-26 14:26:53 Mike (Guest)
Not worth a single star
2018-08-26 20:11:02 alex (Guest)
downloaded map cant unzip it as its just says it may be damaged when you try too!
2018-08-26 20:13:25 Gary (Guest)
How do you toggle the new triggers. Like the plow trigger, the music trigger, and the remove track trigger?
2018-08-30 20:29:39 VolvoBmT24
no errors now the map works great, for roleplay purpose its one of the best
2018-08-31 03:15:47 Bitch (Guest)
STFU you people can't make a map so don't get mad at KST
2018-08-31 04:54:39 moisture (Guest)
2018-09-03 05:52:49 Volitan01 (Guest)
Hi KST not sure of best place to ask this question. I have built the bridge section from "downtown" to the "T" intersection in the harbor, I have got all bridge sections to attach to each other but cannot attach each end of the series of sections to the existing ramps. Is it possible to attach to existing (starting) structure or will it hopefully stay in place? Thanks for a very different and exciting map! Cheers
2018-10-12 14:45:25 thedeadone
hi kst is there a reason y the doors wont open on any buildings when i got the new version
2018-12-25 17:54:28 Sted113
map won't load. Like when i load it, the screen shows for a min then my game crashes. Any ideas?
2018-12-29 22:39:59 zombiehuntersinc
Is there a different download site? I do not trust the site.
2018-12-30 02:09:19 Dodgetown97
Game was going great, today the dirt is unloadable in any piece of equipment. Molded to the ground. Anyone know how to fix this? Ive removed and replaced files but still no fix. Every other material works besides dirt the main one lol

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