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Pine Cove Farm Final by Stevie v 1.4 Final

Rating: 5/5, based on 16 votes
uploaded 2017-03-15 20:39:17, by John Der33


Pine Cove Farm Final Update. Minor Fixes.
If you update to this minor fixes you will need to start a new game due to the edit of the tip mask and ground collision map. However you should be able to use certain files from your old Pine Cove Farm Final save with this. The files which can be used are careerSaveGame.xml, economy.xml and vehicles.xml. Do not copy any other files into the new game save folder. This is only to be done if you have a Pine Cove Final Game save already do not do this if you are updating from a non Final version of the map or are unsure how to.
Giants Game Update V1.44 is required for the map.
No part of this map is to be edited or extracted and re-uploaded publically at all without prior permission.
Unzip the downloaded file and place just the maps zip file into a mods folder, move the 2 information text files to your desktop or somewhere safe. The map is tested log error free if you have a problem in the map look for something else as the cause and use your log.txt file for clues.
You will need Farmer_Andy's Kotte Universal Tanker mod for FS2017 for this map. I recommend as always the map is placed in it's own mods folder with no other maps in the folder with it.

Chopped straw v1007 module is needed for chopped straw.

Forage chaffing stage 3 is achieved on most crops with the XDisc cutter.
The map is highly optimised for my own PC systems and especially for Nvidia GTX 980ti and 1080 graphics cards. I offer no support for lower spec PC systems or graphics cards or how the map may play or function or not function. It was made for my systems and to look how I wanted it to and hold a very high framerate with many mods and installed mods running at the same time. The map has over 5 times the object count of a default game map and runs fixed higher settings for many visual improvements.

I can not guarantee that it will work or play as intended but hopefully it will for you and you will get many hours of enjoyment from it.
If you have an earlier version of the map Start A New Game for this final update. Do not copy your old save files into the new save if you want the majority of your progress back edit the new vehicle, economy and career xml files manually. I offer no support for doing so you either know how to do it or don't.
Update list.
Minor changes and fixes made.

Small fix to tip mask in field 1 which prevented a patch of windrow drop.

Small fix to 3 floating bushes and 1 tree.

Tip mask at the open BGA silo clamps removed. You may have to clean this area up now at the open ends from time to time using a leveller or shovel bucket. Hopefully this will help with course play.

Floating tree fixed on the river bank across from field 16.

Duplicate texture removed to prevent server space character warning.
New foliage channels added.

Map repainted with new foliage.

New fruits added spelt, tritacle, sorghum and millet.

Puddles added around the map.

Animated speed boat with night lighting added.

All fruits show in PDA with prices now.

Boat added.

Vehicle spline edited and cars are more hidden from the bay end.

Greenhouses grouped into Mervils.

Pallet sales for greenhouses condensed.

Midland barn added.

Sale prices adjusted to make the map harder.

Terrain changes and fixes added.

Gold coins adjusted where needed.

New PDA map update.

New grassed meadow owned and defined field created at the rear of the cow zone.

New milk triggers added and sales location changed.

New sales points for Liquid manure, manure, compost, slurry and digestate added.

New vehicle storage added.

New Storage added for water, fertiliser, fuel, liquid manure and seeds throughout the map.

Floating hedge corrected.

Compost master conveyer particles rotated.

Field 4 work angle flipped 90 degrees for AI missions so surface angle matches how the field is worked.

Sales points adjusted for new fruits in the map.

New custom sounds added to the map for daytime nature and night time.

Redundant sounds around the map removed like the waves sounds in fields, sawmill sounds at Jeebs and tunnel sounds.

Compost master adjusted for better access.

Gate adjusted into the meadow for better access.

All seed master auger chutes raised for better vehicle access.

Farm yard seed master access improved.

Extra detailing around the map.

Sales points adjusted slightly where needed to provide a cleaner PDA map.

Underwater foliage and detailing added around the map.

Storage capacity increased on certain items.

New Signs and textures added where needed.

Pig Manure Heap Fixed.

Seed and Fertilizer supply at the Midland Barn Added, this cost's you money.

New lighting added where needed.

Field 5 size adjusted.

Look out tower size increased for better access.

Barn sizes adjusted for better vehicle access.

New water driven flour mill.

New working tree nursery.

Water usage reduced on the greenhouses.

Overloading pipe added to the greenhouse water tanks.

Field 6 2 floating trees fixed.

Chopped straw updated to the latest and chopped straw added for all multifruits.

Multifruit foliage and distance textures matched.

All Multifruit Foiliage textures adjusted.

Shovel targets added to sell heaps, compost plant heap, seeds and fertilizer store input triggers, Bio Pro fertilizer, the separators heaps and the Fermenting Silo fill trigger.

Pig food mixer output raised to prevent most tall vehicle hitting it.

Small silage clamp added to the cow area.

Straw Barns width increased for better access.

Tomato Greenhouse placeable added to the farm yard.

Access improved on the cow feed mixer.

Access improved in the BGA exit.

Storage added in the BGA for diesel, liquid fertilizer and fertilizer.

Maple trees added with new darker texture.

More trees added to the natural forestry areas.

Forestry area tested fine with the Damcon tree planter.

Distance tree boundary boards added.

Preview Image Updated.

Adjusted starting vehicles.

Cow Navmesh adjusted.

Cow troughs adjusted.

Gates added to the top end of the cow zone.

Field 2 added to owned at game start up.

There's much more but you'll never notice, enjoy the final version of the map.

Full credits in the extra text files.

Giant's Software, Stevie, Marhu, Kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Nils23, Webalizer, Blacksheep, Luke_BK, Kastor, FSModding, and Eisberg.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (18)

2017-03-15 21:13:29 wheelchairman36
Best Map out there....
2017-03-15 21:14:59 Aaa (Guest)
I love all the changes he made. Made the map even better than it was before. This is by far my favorite map.
2017-03-16 07:30:32 gost (Guest)
Only that the fields 4 ,8,10 are slightly smaller
2017-03-16 13:33:38 Pilotapollo
This map has to be the best in single player and in multiplayer map! Keep up the GREAT WORK! Love these maps you make!
2017-03-17 19:12:20 Florider (Guest)
This map is broken. When loaded it will say game crash. The other Pine Cove map works but this one keep on crashing. I tried different things....same result!
2017-03-21 05:06:59 Grant (Guest)
florider the map isn't broke.. u have a mod conflict crashing your game.. if you want to play the map find the crap mod causing the crash.. stevie truly the best 17 map. thank u.. your maps r the only reason i play this game, i hope you keep doin what do
2017-03-26 06:48:49 David (Guest)
Which Krone forager is that is photo 3
2017-04-06 07:49:52 Doctek74 (Guest)
Bravo Stevie encore une magnifique map j adore et merci :)
2017-04-06 08:07:34 Doctek74 (Guest)
Salut Stevie esque c est possible que tu reconvertie ta map Lakeside Fs15 en Fs17 :)
2017-04-21 14:59:58 Joseph (Guest)
Field give small amount of crop that bad
2017-05-12 00:11:13 kamil_220390
gdzie się robi przeglądy w traktorach?
2017-05-19 17:23:10 GetPsycho (Guest)
wo verkauft man paletten , fässer und tische ?
2017-05-30 08:49:41 cyberthug
Cant use the grain transfer on cp will not find the rill trigger
2017-05-30 15:51:34 airis222 (Guest)
like stevie maps but compost won't load fix it please
2017-09-24 18:56:48 shelby_winging_it
I love the Pine Cove Map, I need to reinstall it and now it's only available from external sites that cause my Norton to advise of a web attack. Please allow this map to dl thru
2018-02-11 02:06:20 farmer dave (Guest)
best map to download by far haven't found a map even close to this one love have logged over 100 hours on this map alone
2018-05-22 01:27:30 Farm girl (Guest)
Thank you so very much for all the work you put in this map. I love all those auto sale places. Thanks for making fs 17 a more enjoyable game.
2018-06-26 19:08:19 Fightingcamel
Would like to try this map... your D/L comes up ----->>>>> this... Not Found Error 404 <<<<------ send a new D/L plz... our is it to late to get this ??

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