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River Po FS17 by Vaszics 2.2

Rating: 4/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2017-11-23 12:55:34, by Vaszics

River Po FS17 by Vaszics 2.2
Changes compared to 2.1
To change the names of modes who are already playing the map, replace the following (new player has no action).
These modes are:
These are the ways.
The two drills must be re-purchased.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Due to the updating of Farming Simulator 1.5.1, the map had to be redirected.
The compost was driven out of the map.
New fruit is the greenmanure that replaced the compost.
A new plant has been set up. The greenmanure mixing and ripening plant.
Compostmaster has been terminated.
The production, storage and sale of sand and gravel has changed.
Here is a direct sand and gravel selling point on the island.
In the juice production, the compost finished product was replaced by the manure. The cherry and the plum parts have also been restored.
Creating a Rabbit Farm (with temporary storage).
There were two temporary storage facilities built in the same place.
Establishment of a bio-feed plant.
Construction of a new cow stables began.
Clarify, repair and relocate the Building Market building.
Establishment of a coffee plant and a coffee roasting plant.
Creating raw and roasted coffee places to sell.
For plants, supplement water input with the visibilityNodes application.
Launching muffin production at CAKE factory.
Designate muffin sales points.
To improve visibilityNodes at Dairy.
At Reibekuchen and Chips, supplementing the cookingOil input with a pallet trigger.
For Goose and Rabbits, add goosefood, rabbitfood and fatteningFood with visibilityNodes and WoodTrigger.
The Rabbit carrot input, Chips washedpotato input, is supplemented with the WoodTrigger application.
Update Factory I_O and store I info.
Update your PDA.
Full review and editing of the sales system.
The main data of the 4x map:
Factory (40)
Greenmanure, CoffeeRaw, CoffeeRoaster, Biofood (fatteningfood, goosefood, rabbitfood), Goose (V), Oil field (oil, motoroil), Sand_gravel (sand, gravel), Concrete (cement), Rabbits (rabbitmeat) Slaughterhouse (sausage, meat), Brewery (beer, strawberry beer, raspberry beer, redcurrants beer), Cannery (saladMix), Cake factory, Yogurt Factory, Refinery, Hmilk, Distillery, Sawmill, Sand Center (washed potato, steamed potato), Reibekuchen, Soya, Weberei, Pallet, Eggfarm, Greenhouses (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants), Greenhouses1 (tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, pumpkin, melon), Carton, Dairy (yogurt, condensedmilk, kefir , butter, butter, fish, fish (caviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal), noodles, juice, backwaren, bread, whiskey, fermenting silo
Store (33)
Bufallo Grill, Bufalo Grill1, Bale Storage, Building Market, CastlePub, City, City Grain, Farmshop, Gardencenter, Villa, Watermill, Fuel Sales, GrainMill, GrainTrans, Horse stable, Manure processing, Port of grainmill, , Construction, Fish1, Fish2, Fish3, Shop1, Shop2, Shop3, Fruit1, Fruit2, Fruit3, Cowshed_construction, Sand_gravel
Products (93)
green manure, coffeeBeanBD, coffeeBD, fatteningfood, goosefood, rabbitfood, goosemeat, gooseliver, oil, motoroil, gravel, cement, concrete, rabbitmeat, wheat, barley, rape, maize, sunflower, soybean, potato, onion, carrot, lettuce, grass_windrow, straw, dryGrass_windrow, chaff, silage, forage, pigFood, woodChips, booze, beer, hmilk, sugar, flour, cake, cherry, plum, cookingOil, reibekuchen, steamed Potato, washed Potato, stoffrolleMK, empty pallet, easter egg, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants, cardboard, yogurt1, condensedmilk, kefir, butter, caviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal, noodles, lettuce, pumpkin, melon, backwaren, whiskey. potato chips, strawberry beer, raspberry beer, redcurrants beer, sausage, meat, bread, backwaren, barleyflour, cornflour, wheatflour, manure, liquidManure, stoffrolleMK
For more information, see Guide 1.


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uploaded by Vaszics
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Comments (10)

2017-11-24 12:25:17 Dawg Fan (Guest)
Hi Vaszics! ait's me again. I'm sure it's just me or something stupid I'm doing but when I go to the slaughter house I can't unload. I back up to the ramp at rhe old type slaughter house but it's like it has no trigger to unload. I open the door and nothing to say unload or whatever. Maybe I'm at the wrong place or something I just know I'm doing something wrong. Great Map Thanks!!!!!!
2017-11-24 13:49:27 Vaszics
Hi Dawg Fan! Unfortunately, not all trailers are accepted by the trigger. Try the michielettoTrailer trailer in the package and go with it.
2017-11-28 18:58:16 Raven (Guest)
Hi there... Is anyone here who can't clean up the cows?
2017-11-29 08:15:16 Vaszics
Hi Raven! In my experience there is no problem with cleaning the animals. Many people use the map, with no such problem. I'm sorry.
2017-11-30 14:11:42 Raven (Guest)
It's quite strange... There's nothing on the floor in front of the ... place where I unload the grass, forage, water... The Lely in the back does nothing... Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to look elsewhere? Thanks!
2017-11-30 16:26:13 Vaszics
Hi Raven! I apologize for the Hungarian subtitles, but I think you will understand the essence. I've taken a few pictures of Google Drive for the problem you are pointing to. Feeding and cleaning of animals. Here is the link:
2017-12-01 03:02:34 47er
Hallo Vaszics, leider funktioniert die Map bei mir nicht. Beim Start bleibt das Bild in der Anfangshöhe stehen mit der Einblendung " Fahren sie nicht so tief ins Wasser" Ich habe alle Mods rausgenommen. Die Citymap hatte doch funktioniert.
2017-12-01 07:17:45 Vaszics
Hallo 47er! Das Problem mit dem Wasser kann durch FS17_VehicleWaterBreak (im Paket enthalten) gelöst werden. Dies muss auch im MODS-Verzeichnis wie z. B. der Stadtkarte platziert werden. Schauen Sie sich die Auswahl der Modi an, um zu sehen, wer angekreuzt ist. Vielleicht kennen Sie all dies, nur eine Erinnerung. Wenn Sie die Datei log.txt an senden, kann das Testen hilfreich sein.
2017-12-09 16:15:34 karl (Guest)
Habe mir die Videos angesehen schaut alles ganz gut aus aber leider habe ich keine fahrenden Autos auf den schönen Straßen gesehen wäre schön wenn es einige gäbe dann wäre man nicht so einsam auf den Straßen. Ps. ansonsten schöne Map .
2017-12-09 19:25:51 Vaszics
Hallo Karl! Sie wissen es wahrscheinlich, aber Sie müssen die Einstellungen in den Einstellungen aktivieren. Andernfalls können Sie RussianTrafficPack17V2 aus dem Netz herunterladen, das zusätzliche Fahrzeuge enthält, wenn Sie es wie beschrieben einfügen. Gutes Spiel.

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