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Silvercrest Valley Map v 1.2

Rating: 5/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2016-10-31 01:22:20, by John Der33

This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley and my first mod.

Version 1.2
- Fixed feeding triggers for cow and pig.

The changes are:
> New farm with silo, barn, cows, sheeps, pigs and chicken.
> Small edit to sawmill and minor changes to the rest of the map.
> You can load the equipment back to the farm.
> More Trees

Model: GiantTexture: Giant/meScript: GiantIdea / Concept: meTesting: meOther:

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2016-10-31 12:59:38 Ole78 (Guest)
I am so happy. This map is perfect and u are a good moder, but please. Tell me. Did your mother drop u in the floor as a baby? Zombies in a farming game? U got to be mad.....
2016-10-31 13:16:21 Rx1966
yeah, I thought that was a little bizzar myself.
2016-10-31 18:14:59 Ole78 (Guest)
Now the cows freeze. Still some work needed to this map. And for gods sake. Remove the zombies.....
2016-11-01 04:45:59 matt (Guest)
The zombies aren't from this mod/map. They were active in FS17 regardless of map/mods for Halloween. I'm expecting Santas come xmas.
2016-11-02 02:53:20 dsk
are any of you guys having issue with the pig trough not being filled? its glitched i can give sheep/cows water just not the pigs tried to message the bloke but he does not reply.
2016-11-02 16:47:20 chalupar (Guest)
With version 1.4 i can't use more than 5 vehicles - why???
2016-12-24 21:32:26 fedexpope
pig water is off a bit, you have to back the water trailer into the trough to get the prompt to unload, also the sheep wool collection point is off a bit. It collects into the sheep pen, the only way to get it out is with an auto-load trailer.

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