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Sudthuringen Map v 0.98

Rating: 5/5, based on 27 votes
uploaded 2016-12-18 01:27:53, by John Der33

Welcome to the South Thuringia Map.

What to see on the map:
- Verker
- field purchase
- 9 villages with fictional names, embedded in an idyllic landscape
- Three courtyards, a main farm, a dairy production, and a pig fattening. In addition there are sheep and herons.
- A large BGA in Fuchstal

What can you find where:
Village of Fuchstal
- Used equipment dealers (LTZ)
- BayWA (grain sales)
- Train Station (grain sales)
-Gas station

Village of Lalenstadt
- Deuka sales office

Village of Oechsen
-Schaf breeding

Municipality of Turmgut
- Motocross track

Erbauer der Karte:-fendtxylon524, Larsseine, themodtesterjunior, Landwirte Pitti, Olli0710, bulldog13,Modder Derren Objekte, Texturen, etc. verwendet wurden ... vielen Dank an euch alle!-Niggels939, Eckert35, webalizer, El_Cid, Buschi, Vanilla, Katsuo, XXMalleXx, Fatian, Steffen30Muc, AndiScania, Tommi-1, Bullgore, Giants, Nick98.1, Patii, Raptor5, Polska, Fendt512C, freak2009,…

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (3)

2017-01-04 11:32:14 andrew (Guest)
Hi great map? But i cant find the third place to sell grain. I can find the two near the train station in tbe bottom left but not the third. Also were can u unload stuff at the BGA.
2018-02-19 09:48:44 guest (Guest)
@Andrew, cuz this map was stolen from another site, so nothing will work cuz john too dumb der33 changes things in it to suit them, then uploads it..your best bet is to just google this map and get it from the original site...better yet, i will do it for you... any site admins that read this, john der33 needs to be banned from uploading mods to this site as he is not following rules...
2018-02-19 13:03:30 Rx1966
well then...guest's alert, sure is alarming indeed..the fact of the matter is, admin aren't going to do sh*t about it - why? don't have to shop here...however, i agree 100% with you. i have deleted all but a few Mods ive downloaded from this site in the past 3 yrs.(yes i do keep a ledger of: where i downloaded the mod and by whom the mod was presented by) call it Farming Simulator know- incase sh*t happens you know whom is responsible for it. anywho..good luck farmers and keep the Harvesters - harvesting

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