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Rating: 4/5, based on 23 votes
uploaded 2018-07-13 02:38:42, by Cruise

Welcome to the real Welker Farms Inc.
Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been around since 1912.
Now it's your turn to run this Farm.

Mappers Paradise

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (14)

2018-07-13 19:45:51 guest (Guest)
Just get this awesome map from the modhub
2018-07-15 15:06:08 AB Farms (Guest)
Some of the collisions on this map are just plain ridiculous.
2018-07-15 16:42:59 FarmersBoy
It's simple and quite well set out. For me it's great to have the wide open spaces to turn long vehicles and equipment. instead of the narrow lanes on UK farm maps I usually use. As remarked above, some of the collisions are annoying, but for me the fact that when you go to collect equipment & trailers you've bought, they are awkwardly positioned the wrong way around against the railings is more annoying. Otherwise, everything seems to work just fine for me! Well done and thank you for sharing.
2018-07-16 00:27:08 Coldroad
there a lot of collisions on this map and some of the man doors sound like garage doors opening up. Other then that that"s all i really see wrong with the map
2018-07-16 02:55:34 fire (Guest)
why would you download this from sharemod when you can go to modhub and download it right there, like how people try to put this up as there own and then don't link to where it is suppose to be downloaded and want you to download it from there spot .....sharemods is a bad place to download
2018-07-16 10:01:00 Swift (Guest)
Nice map. Just get it from the official FS Site. Forget Sharemods! As for me, I would have liked a better grain storage facility to start with though. But I guess it's all good for humble beginnings! That blue trailor next to field2 (Your starting field) is a bit in the way and it cannot be moved as it's a fixed and collidable feature. Some collisions are a bit unexpected. Looking forward to add some place-ables as I grow the farm, like grain and vehicle storage to increase the practicality of the main farm. Very good layout though! I can see that one could spend hours here, if fieldwork is your thing!!! (This map has only chicken for animals! No other animal facilities are present. Also no Biogass plant, so no Digestate). Slurry tankers are of no use on this map. It's all spraying and top-dressing, which is fine, I guess, if you are the type who is into field work only! (Which can get a bit boring after a while - unless you play it with the Seasons mod and the Montana add-on (which is where this map is based) - which seems like it can pose quite a challenge - heven't tried it yet - should be interresting)!!!
2018-07-17 18:18:05 SiMR
Nice map? specific, the sun and sky are nice..But, let me ask you a walk up to anyone of the houses in this map, and notice the Low Rate Textures for the window does that make you feel - waiting damn near 6 mos, for this turd of a map to be produced by turds of the modding world - Mappers Paradise..this fuckn map looks like my sisters kids made it. you can disagree with my comments..but you can not change the fact..Welkers, and the reast of the world - were done wrong by Mappers Paradise..MP is the laughing stock of the modding world..and this map is they're master piece - to show all the world how lame they are. MP needs to run and hide on a un-disclosed island..never to be seen again..they should also feel a shamed of themselves for this POS map..that looks like FS15 rejects..i cant make enough excuses to myself, in order to play this map. you know, and I know - this map was done wrong...go back into the map and look..this map is insulting. what mappers paradise did..for an American Icon Map?..was insulting..them dicks!
2018-07-18 18:51:24 jimsgamestreams
Damn Simr you have nothing good to say about anyones map do ya? since your so picky go make your own map or do you even know how?
2018-08-03 12:55:05 MISTERM
El silo de la granja demasiado pequeño para los campos tam grandes que tiene
2018-08-24 13:47:12 DiMmUb (Guest)
why wanking so much SiMR? when u hate this map, ok, but why those negative comments...ctrl-alt-delete, and go ur own way instead of jerking of mp...i think they did a great job...Its a simple map, but nice to play..
2018-09-25 07:17:11 kodiddy (Guest)
does this map support chopped straw?
2018-11-25 21:11:45 Batman (Guest)
Great map fs19 release in the works?
2019-09-19 18:59:23 MADxMAX
I love this map, love the youtube channel and the people who run it in the real world, there are issues with this map the most annoying though is that I spent countless hours working to get enough money to buy a cow pasture, then of course is the cows and then you god to feed these eating machines, then after i done all that I had to wait for them to produce enough milk for a tanker trailer before I go sell it, and low and behold you get to the milk sell point and there is no way to sell it as the trigger is no placed DAM DAM DAM
2019-09-21 11:20:20 S0HN0H
(SIMR here) I got not beefs with difference of opinions. me being a modder/editor WAITED feverishly like everyone else for this "welker farm map" release , and the date kept being postponed, in the mean time, we're all gearing up and getting ready for the release of FS19...finaly MP released Welker Farms Map LATE in the year..textures WERE AND ARE HORRIBLE. I had just purchased my 2018 DELL Inspiron 3670 (which was a whopping $1,500+ screen and accessories I spent about $2,500 gearing up for FS19) as bad ass as my NEW PC is..i seen the Welker Farm Map for what it REALLY was LAME AND BAD TEXTURES..I know you can careless about my reasons for such a rough Review, I can careless how you feel about it. comparing my these low res maps and mods..maybe you'll understand my frustration - after all..we're talking about my money- to improve MY FS experience NOT YOURS. I was pissed off - yes. then FS19 releases in nov- by 7am I was so pissed I demanded my money back. ive invested MORE MONEY into my FS experience than most

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