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Fermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) V 1.4

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uploaded 2017-05-27 13:34:57, by Poppi


The Fermenter 5000 is an all in one Fermenting Silo.


This Fermenting Silo outputs 20000 Litres of Silage per hour with a capacity of 500000 Litres.


Digestate is also produced as a by-product with storage for 200000 Litres.



Grass / Dry Grass / Chaff  =  500000 Litres



Silage  =  500000 Litres

Digestate  =  200000 Litres



500000 Litres of input product will produce 500000 Silage and 110000 Litres of Digestate.


This building operates using the latest Fabrik Script v 2.1.5 & Additional Triggers v 1.0.4


Version 1.4 Now Supports CoursePlay.

Fixes for GIANTS UPDATE 1.4.

Fully Tested on Dedicated Server.

Log is Error Free. 

  • Version 1.4


    Update Fabrik Script to new Version. (V2.1.7)
    (Fixes issues after Giants Update 1.4)
    (Fixes issue with CousePlay Tipping)


  • Version 1.3


    Updated Fabrik Script and Additional Triggers.

    CoursePlay is now supported :-)


  • Version 1.2


    New entry and exit bollards for tip point.
    Color change to tip point barrier warning strips.

    Update to the following:

    Fabrik Script Version 2.1.3
    Additional Triggers Version 1.0.3

    SiloTrigger Sound fix by Farmer_Andy
    Fix SiloTrigger: Automatic when filling on Multiplayer Server
    DoorTrigger by Farmer Andy


GTX Mods.

Special thanks: Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.


Fermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) V 1.4, 1 photoFermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) V 1.4, 2 photoFermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) V 1.4, 3 photoFermenter 5000 - (Fermenting Silo) V 1.4, 4 photo

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uploaded by Poppi
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Comments (2)

2017-05-27 14:54:22 guest (Guest)
GTX mods never posts to this site. get it from ONLY!
2017-05-28 09:00:11 JASMAZ
What is the point of having slurry as a product from this? all i want is the silage for my TMR. Also the capacity is small and the output not that great.

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