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Claas Lexion Experimental V3

Rating: 4/5, based on 11 votes
uploaded 2018-09-15 15:38:03, by renebqc

Claas Lexion Experimental V3

This pack was build for the canadian production map. But it will work with other map also.


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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (10)

2018-09-15 17:04:04 Mike (Guest)
Unreal cutting works. If many do not have the time or desire to play with normal cutters then let it be the same. Nobody needs such stupid mods except the small would like to farmers who do not even have a clue of the agriculture you see every day in the MP
2018-09-15 21:36:52 renebqc
can we just have fun.
2018-09-15 23:12:02 Farmer Jim (Guest)
More than satisfied with them ๐Ÿ˜Ž thanks renebqc ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
2018-09-16 06:44:07 Trucky (Guest)
Exactly renebqc it's a game to have FUN with. Whatever floats your boat. Looks interesting so will hava go.
2018-09-16 07:48:07 jules270000
i love your maps and mods but i think people forget its only a game and if you dont want to use them dont download them simple as that
2018-09-16 15:12:58 wayner1a7 (Guest)
Comment by jules270000 is spot on. renebqc does great mods and great maps. His work should be appreciated Like the man said, you don't have to use them and some people want to have fun.
2018-09-17 07:37:24 Trucky (Guest)
Well mate, used them yesty on Lone Farm map an you now have another fan. Great fun to use. More please.
2018-09-18 13:27:20 Luca (Guest)
Come faccio per avere queste mod su ps4?
2018-09-18 21:17:26 Markus (Guest)
finds bis her klasse aber der hänger wo zum lkw passt de, fehle Räder
2018-09-23 22:22:59 Markus (Guest)
bin zufrieden mit dem ganzen für big maps super Aller dings 1 mod ist deffekt bei dem anhänger für den laster hat keine räder

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